Year: 2010

  • Albums Of The Year 2010

    Another bonzer year for new music, had to whittle 75+ albums into this top 40. So, as usual, even though there is an order, just to be on here means the album is a winner and you should buy it. The band names are links to so you can actually hear them. Get clicking!…

  • US Kills 18 Pakistanis In Terrorist Attack, Doesn’t Make The News

    Above is a screengrab from the BBC News website. Notice no mention of the fact that the USA murdered 18 Pakistanis in a terrorist drone attack: Missiles fired by a suspected US drone have struck a vehicle in north-west Pakistan killing at least 18 militants, officials say. The strike took place in Mir Ali village,…

  • Obama’s Murderous Hypocrisy

    US President Barack Obama has condemned as “outrageous” Saturday’s deadly suicide bomb attack on a town in north-western Pakistan. A female bomber killed at least 43 people in the attack on a large crowd receiving food aid in Khar in the Bajaur region. (Source: BBC News) But the hundreds upon hundreds of innocent Pakistanis that…


    Yet another website? Ah, go on! Here’s my! 😀

  • Please Let Me Sleep

    Please, let me sleep, That’s all I want, To switch this all off, To make the noise stop. To cut the circles, The cycles, the eyelets, This treadmill of being. There’s no pleasure here, No comfort, no warmth, No home, no you. Pretend, so we keep The show on the road, The audience amused. Or…

  • ‘Cut Out My Heart’ Single On iTunes!

    As of today, you can buy my new single on iTunes. And CD Baby! And, soon, hopefully loads more sites. Ooh, this is exciting. First time I’ve ever released a digital-only single. 🙂

  • Contemporary Sociolinguistic Observations

    I may never be Peter Trudgill but I’ll have a bloody go. RANDOM – in observations over the past eighteen months, it would appear that in the 16 – 25 age group, random has now totally transitioned from being an adjective to a noun. Thus: “She was getting with a random bloke.” Has become the…

  • Markeaton With Rose

  • Uni Lights

  • My Pummelvision

    Pretty freaky! There’s a bit too much emphasis on clubbing and less on the boring parts of my life since I don’t take hundreds of pics of when I’m just sitting around watching the telly. 🙂 Make your own at! 😀

  • -13 Degrees At Derby Uni

  • YouTube: Americans Murdering Iraqis

    You wouldn’t be seeing this video without Wikileaks. This is what the US propaganda machine wants to keep away from your sensitive eyes: the slaughter of innocents by US forces. Those 1.2 million dead Iraqis – who did you think killed them? Car-bombers? “Sectarian” clashes? Or perhaps the most powerful and predatory military superpower in…

  • My Snowy Garden

    Woke up to yet more snow. It was coming down in huge flurries, snowflakes the size of 50p pieces. Yummy! Click the pic for more!

  • Oakwood Winter Wonderland

    Snow has flumped across the UK and yesterday it cosied up to Derby. I nearly crashed three times while I was driving home from the hospital last night. This morning, I looked out and everything in my garden appeared to be wearing white, velvety top hats. As much as I hate the snow for leading…

  • Words = Shit

    Words = shit, Words mean nothing, Words != truth or now or what you feel, Or what you will feel. They’re easy and common, Thrown around bedrooms, Battered by misuse, Until they bleed to death. Garbled intimacies, Terrible promises, Hopeful even as they’re Strangled by phones. Their meaning beaten out of them By their careless…

  • Kell Night Wood

    Tonight, my mate Kell came round and we had a chance to explore the lighting I used on the video for ‘Cut Out My Heart’ in stills. Click the pic to see more! I think I’m really going to miss sodium lighting when it’s all been replaced by the modern, white light equivalents. I love…

  • Oakwood In The Snow In The Night

  • The Mincer

    You’re glowing blue again, Neon orgone, basking, stretching, And every atom Of every molecule Of every cell I love. Although his kisses are still on you, I know you want to be here, Little death, swearing, running, Tearing through clothes, Tearing through skin, Until we are naked. Anxious, Desperate, Bone grating on bone, Sweat and…

  • ‘Cut Out My Heart’ Stills

    Click any of the pics to see some stills from the video shoot I did for my new song, ‘Cut Out My Heart.’ Looking at them, I think need to explore night-time portraiture more, looks pretty cool! 🙂

  • New Video And Song – ‘Cut Out My Heart’

    Hello! Although I’ve been doing a lot of moping and licking my wounds, I’ve also been busy with music. And video! Check out what I’ve been up to: I shot the vid on my lovely 5Dmk 2 and finished the edit (in iMovie) this Monday night, around 3.30am. So, it’s hot off the… er… Mac…