Mosh Halloween 2009

01/11/2009 01:04

Wow – what an excellent Halloween! I was going to stay in for reasons I won’t go into here but after talking it over with mates, I just thought, fuckit – go out. And I’m glad I did as I danced till my knees ached and saw some absolutely amazing costumes, the majority hand-made.

01/11/2009 00:00

I hope you check out all the pics from that night because I think they show how wonderfully creative people are. Day by day, we’re squashed into greyness, squat, normal and uniform. On this one night of the year, ordinary people are given the freedom to express themselves pretty much exactly as they want. And the resulting explosion of colour, pattern, shape and symbolism is awe-inspiring. If only we were this free to be whatever/whoever we want every day of the year.

01/11/2009 02:47

All those wonderful people in the photos are now back in “normal,” mass-produced, corporate clothes, the Nikes and the Levis. Drone wear. I wouldn’t even notice them now in the street if I passed them.

But I like to think that, inside, they’re still zombies and vampires, robots and superheroes. Secret dreams, or real selves? Where others see a load of pissed-up kids dressed-up in daft outfits, I see a tiny bacillus of true anarchy, sending out cilia.

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