Troops Out Of Afghanistan Demo, 24/10/09

24/10/2009 13:53
In the rush for the train, I forgot my SLR so I grabbed a few pics on my iPhone, please forgive the fuzziness. Click on the pic to see a gallery.

On Saturday, I travelled down to London to take part in the Troops Out demo (details here).

And amazing demo. It was so moving hearing both the families of dead soldiers and soldiers themselves speak. Soldiers like Lance Corporal Joe Glenton who was risking court martial for speaking out against what he thought was an illegal and immoral occupation.

When the relatives spoke of loved ones they’d lost in Afghanistan, the crowd became eerily quiet. It was horrible, heart-rending testimony of how Bush and Blair’s post-9/11 adventurism has ruined the lives of ordinary people. Whether we’re Afghans, Iraqis, Americans or Britons, none of us is safer, none of us is better off as a result of these new crusades. In fact, it’s probably increased the terror threat or ordinary Westerners.

Just this morning, there’s news of another atrocity in Afghanistan. More lives lost in this unwinnable war.