Bzangy Groink Playlist 26/8/09

It Dies Today

The best new track tonight was ‘The Architect’ by It Dies Today. Yes, pure metalcore, yes, magnificent, shuddering breakdowns. And, yes, the new album, out on September 15th, is excellent. Buy it if you need a bit of a shout and a windmill. 🙂

La Casa Azul

The best old track was a complete contrast: ‘En noches como la de hoy’ by La Casa Azul. Sunny and sugary, this is megatwee indiepop at its diabetic-coma-inducing best. Yummy!

This is what you heard:

Signaldrift – Atlas
Little Big Adventure – The Hateful Eye
Sunken Heads – Kinetics
Exlovers – you forget so easily
Birdpen – breaking precedent
Zomby – Helter Skelter
Homeboy Sandman – The Big Band Theory (Prod. By
Mother Mary – Magnetic Space Plug
Tiga – Shoes
Say Hi to Your Mom – These Fangs
August Burns Red – Rationalist
La Casa Azul – En noches como la de hoy
Khao – KhaoTechnik
The Answering Machine – Oh, Christina
Taking Back Sunday – Sink Into Me
My Bloody Valentine – Thorn
Djedjotronic – james
Prevail (of Swollen Members) – Mean Streets (With Souls of Mischief)
Palpitation – I¥m Happy No
Anoraak – make it better
Venetian Snares – M·sodik Galamb (pigeon)
The Narrator – SurfJew
Ladytron – Ghosts
U-God – Stomp Da Roach (Featuring GZA And Scotty Wotty)
Fugazi – Facet Squared
Tragedy Khadafi And Trez – Pleasure To Know ‘Em
Surrogate – A Constitution
Huoratron – Male Bonding
The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Dead Kings – Pariah
Khingz – Grillz
Dananananaykroyd – Watch This!
Burning Hearts – I Walked Among The Trees
L.E.G.A.C.Y. – Fly So High
Endwell – Living Through Losses: 02/30/01
Dinosaur Pile-up – Summer Hit Single
The Impulse International – Soundtrack Tonight
Rustie – Bad Science
Descendents – Hope
Cats on Fire – Tears in Your Cup
Mistabishi – Printer Jam
The Nation Blue – Uprisings Off
mclusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
It Dies Today – The Architects
LMFAO – I Am Not A Whore
The Bronx – False Alarm
Twitch – Kamosis
Shadows Fall – Still I rise
The Destroyers – Sirba
FRESH DAILY – Supaspectacular! (Prod. By 2 Hungry Bros)
The Lucksmiths – Self-Preservation
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
Conor Oberst – Air Mattress
Wienzeile – geisterbahn
the Gaslamp Killer – Turk Mex
A Place to Bury Strangers – It Is Nothing
Ochre – Circadies
Burning Hearts – Close To Her
Rebels To The Grain, 12Milagram, Tis, Kef, Melodiq & Faye – Welcome
The Antlers – Bear
Seabear – Libraries
YACHT – Summer Song
Wilco – Wilco (The Song)
Sonos – White Winter Hymnal
God Help The Girl – Funny Little Frog