When 0 = 45

When 0 = 45

How to deface this sign? A random swear word? A Fauvist splash of ferocious, masking primary? The venerable jizzing cock?

No. The defacer was clever. S/he made a mathematical addition (heh). The simple, almost minimalist placing of that Indian invention, the numeral 0.

We are both surprised and confounded. The defacer has made 0 = 45! S/he is like a baby Godel, throwing our bourgeois maths in our faces with a sneer and a burp of Red Stripe.

Dare we drive round the hairpin curves of Springwood Leisure Centre car park at fifty miles-per-hour? We can. We should. We ought to, since the sign clearly says that we are allowed. Ours is not to question the legitimacy of the sign, we revere authority, it is our blankie and best friend.

And we remain, as ever, incomplete and desolate in the face of the crumbling of truth.