Summer Singalong 2009


Here’s another Summer Singalong, a playlist that’s just the right length to burn onto a CDR and then bung into your car. Hopefully, it’ll make you yell along, windows open, like I do.


A Place to Bury Strangers – It Is Nothing
Taking Back Sunday – Sink Into Me
Even as We Speak – Falling Down The Stairs
Burning Hearts – Iris
Cats on Fire – The Borders Of This Land
Exlovers – You Forget So Easily
The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Tim Hardin – Don’t Make Promises
The Lonely Forest – Borders And Towns
Manchester Orchestra – Tony The Tiger
Wheat – H.O.T.T.
The Answering Machine – Obviously Cold
Palpitation – I’m Happy Now
Canadian Invasion – Standing On The Shoulders Of The Carcass Of John Mayer
The Paper Merchants – The Kids At The Club
Felt – I Will Die With My Head In Flames
Fruit Bats – The Ruminant Band
Surrogate – A Constitution
Beachbuggy – Kickin’ Back
The Primitives – Stop Killing Me
Marching Band – For Your Love
The Lucksmiths – Self-Preservation
The Format – Oceans