McDonald’s Roof Protest

McD Roof Protest
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Today, 17th August.

A man climbed onto the roof to shout out his protest at the way Derbyshire police had failed to investigate him being mugged. Malc and I were just walking up St. Peter’s Street and we joined the very calm, very peaceful crowd of onlookers who wanted to hear what he had to say.

The police turned up, mob-handed and proceeded to make the whole situation worse by provoking the onlookers. We were completely peaceful, we weren’t causing an obstruction – nothing.

And yet, the police were rude and heavy-handed, pushing us around like we were cattle. We had zero rights. They had at least three police cars and a van! For nothing. This is how they waste our money.

McD Roof Protest

They pushed one woman onto her child and reduced her to tears. No apologies. When she complained to a WPC, she just ignored it.

I saw them pushing at least three other people, provoking them as much as possible. They inflamed a situation that would otherwise have amounted to not much at all. If they’d simply had a couple of officers standing around, we would have watched the bloke and then moved on. As it was, it became about asserting our civil liberty as much as the poor man’s cause.

McD Roof Protest

Eventually, the bloke decided he’d made his point and climbed down. He was lead away to cheers from all of us. He hadn’t caused any damage, he’d made a peaceful protest. If only our police acted with as much civility.

It was a totally peaceful event, apart from the actions of the police. Remember, we pay their wages and yet they threaten us and treat us like peasants.

Police state? The question mark is redundant.