Remember Gaza Peace Demo

Remember Gaza Peace Demo

A couple of Saturdays ago, I went on a peace demo that was all about remembering the terrible suffering sustained in Gaza in the recent Israeli attacks, attacks that are even now being investigated as war crimes.

The day was warm and dry, the protestors optimistic and passionate. There was no hatred, just a tremendous feeling of solidarity with the ordinary people of Gaza. And for all those who view any support of Palestinian human rights as somehow anti-Semitic, please check through the gallery of pics (by clicking above) and note the large number of Jewish organisations who were on the demo. A lot of ordinary, everyday Jews marching in support of similar Palestinians.

It was a day of unity, a day of peace and a marker of the huge diversity of the British antiwar movement.

Bzangy Groink Playlist 20/5/09


Tonight’s best new track was Recordkingz‘ ‘Keep On.’ Just a supreme slice of hip hop. Head nodding brilliance. Check out the album, ‘Heavyweight’ is you’re at all into your hip hop. Ace.


The best old track was Devo’s ‘It’s Not Right.’ I’ve probably had a Devo song as best old tune before but fuckit, they’re beyond genius. Oh, to find a modern rock band with a quintillionth the grace, passion and politics of the Spud Boys. *sigh*

This is what you heard:

FlowOne und Reatsch – Krieg der Welten
Xiu Xiu – I Broke Up
Letroset – Appliance
The Grouch & Eligh – Do It Again
Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers – Stop Stalling
The Juan Maclean – No Time
Its A Buffalo – Marbles
Nessbeal – C’est La Crise feat. Daddy Mory
Refused – Coup D’Etat
Exlovers – Photobooth
Krumb Snatcha – Triumph (Prod. By Karimbo)
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum
Thee Oh Sees – Enemy Destruct
Octogen – James
Johnny Foreigner – Lea Room
Frisco – One Me (Ft. Jammer) (Prod. By Ratchet)
We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
Cardopusher – Show Me Your Pussy Massive
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
Los Campesinos! – The International Tweexcore U
Datarock – Give It Up
Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
Marching Band – For Your Love
Frightened Rabbit – The Twist
Patrick Wolf – Vulture
Akira Kiteshi – pinball
The Radio Dept. – The Worst Taste in Music
Recordkingz – Keep On (Feat. Chalice And Ruk)
The Soviettes – (Do) The Stagger
Art Brut – DC Comics and Chocolate Milksh
Manchester Orchestra – Tony The Tiger
Loefah – disko rekah
Loney, Dear – Airport Surroundings
N.A.S.A. feat The Cool Kids, Ghostface Killah & Scarface – The Mayor
The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Esser – Headlock
The Fresh & Onlys – Only One I Want
Venetian Snares – Kimberly Clark
Soft Toy Emergency – I Kno U Want It
Underwater Tea Party – Better Than the Movies
Method Man and Redman – Dangerous Mcees
Micachu – Golden Phone
Kaospilot – Colossus
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton
Late of the Pier – Space And The Woods
Les Georges Leningrad – Sponsorships
Coki – all of a sudden
The Thermals – When I Was Afraid
The Liars – Mr your on fire Mr
ILL (Xmen), Cross, Joe Lucazz, Work – Krach Monnaie
Bad Brains – Sailin’ On
Dabrye ft Jay Dee And Phat Kat – Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix)
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
Metric – Help I’m Alive
Hello Saferide – Anna
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
Schulte und Epoz – Friedhofsg‰rtner
Jon Hopkins – Vessel
The Gay Blades – O Shot
Cats on Fire – The Borders of This Land
bleech – Is It True That Boys Don’t Cry
Devo – It’s Not Right
Puppetmastaz – Animals
Super Furry Animals – White Socks/Flip Flops

Star Trek XI

Star Trek

Last night, I went to see the new Star Trek film. As it started, I felt a mix of mild anxiousness and cautious optimism. Today, I feel excited about the future for Trek.

I can’t remember when I first saw Star Trek. I grew up with it, as I’ve grown up with Dr. Who. I do know that by the time I was seven or eight, I already had a Trek engineer’s tunic which I would wear proudly, despite being way to porky to pull off the look. But, hey, I wasn’t the only chubby Trekkie!

Immediately after the film, I was on a high. Feeling a bit more reflective this morning, I can say that I like the new film a lot but I don’t think I love it. It certainly didn’t have the emotional impact on me that Watchmen did but that’s an unfair comparison since they’re aimed at very different age ranges. There’s only so much you can prod people emotionally within the confines of a 12A certificate.

Star Trek

I love the casting, I love the acting I even don’t mind the inevitable shedloads of CGI. And the story is a perfect reboot-enabler: the branching timeline lets the writers have a solid Roddenberry foundation without being hamstrung by years of Trek continuity.

I also think the film has real heart. The depiction of Spock’s youth, the re-imagining of Kirk as a lost troublemaker, these all add shading and depth to what could easily have been a bang-bang-peeoow film. These story elements are what lift Star Trek above the hollow, showy emptiness of Transformers. I do wish they’d had time to show kid Spock with his pet sehlat I-Chaya but that’s just the Trekkie in me wanting extra nom-noms.

All the actors managed to tread the line between essence and impersonation very well. Karl Urban’s McCoy was probably the most similar to the original, Zoë Saldana’s Uhura the least. Simon Pegg pulled off both the accent and the bravado of Scotty perfectly and it was a nice touch to hear him spouting fluid treknobabble, thus emphasising that Scotty is a formidable thinker and innovator, not just a guy with an oily rag and a spanner.

The best two performances were from Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock. If the chemistry had been even slightly off between these two actors, it would have been devastating for the film. It wasn’t. Their interplay, from feuding to friendship, really felt like classic Trek. It had a fire and passion that sadly leached out of the late-period Trek TV shows which became progressively more beige and more porridgey.

Kirk and Spock’s brawl on the bridge was about as far from another tedious Janeway monologue about the nature of humanity as you can get. The original series was far more pulpy and energetic, something that a lot of people have either forgotten or never knew as they’ve grown up with the sequels. This film honours that and reminds us that space is about adventure and adrenaline as well as inspiring visions of future societies.

Star Trek

There plenty of nods for us Trekkies in there, moments to make us (inwardly) shriek ‘squeee!.’ The first appearance of Captain Pike, the doomed gung-ho redshirt, jokes about inertial dampers and fencing. And, of course, the first time we glide past the letters NCC-1701… well, that did give me a shiver. The only reason I’ve not connected totally with the film and love it as opposed to liking it very much is that, being an origin story, it did feel a bit crammed-in. There’s so much in there: young Spock, future Spock, Romulans, introducing each crewmember. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded the film being twenty minutes longer, just to give it a bit more breathing space. But I realise that the makers have a very specific view of where they want to take Trek and a longer cut might have lost the very fans (Trek newbies) they were trying to attract.

So, I think Star Trek is a solid reboot and certainly bodes well for any future feature films. These films won’t have to do the setup of XI, we know this Kirk, this Spock, we should be able to simply leap into a meaty story, phasers blazing.

So, Abrams et al, 8/10, good work… but I’m looking forward to what you do next with this wonderful foundation!

Until then, First Contact will remain my favourite Trek film… 🙂

Bzangy Groink Playlist 6/5/09

The Fresh & Onlys

Tonight’s best new track was ‘Endless Love’ by The Fresh & Onlys. It just rips right in there, all Vaselines swagger with a touch of Beat Happening rockabillyness. Lovely stuff!

Souls Of Mischief

The best old track was ’93 ‘Til Infinity’ by Souls Of Mischief. Makes me feel old remembering when I heard this for the first time. Such a long time ago and yet it’s as frrrresh as ever. A definite head-nodder.

(There’s a podcast of this playlist here!)

This is what I played:

Manchester Orchestra – Tony The Tiger
The Grouch & Eligh – Do It Again (Feat. DJ Fresh) (Prod. By Eligh)
Templeton Pek – If All Else Fails
Super Furry Animals – White Socks/Flip Flops
Souls of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity
Alias – I Heart Drum Machines
Ades – On Le Sait
The Gay Blades – O Shot
Emalkay – crunk in space
Mr Scruff & Broke N English – Listen Up
Metric – Help I’m Alive
Settle – Affinity For My Hometown
Wu-Tang Clan – Shame on a Nigga
Akira Kiteshi – pinball
Ladyfinger (ne) – Bones
Marching Band – For Your Love
Buraka Som Sistema Ft. DJ Znobia, MIA, Saborosa And Puto Prata – Song Of Kuduro
Mistabishi – Printer Jam
The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Halo Fauna – Futility And Familiarity
We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
MF DOOM – Paper Planes (Freestyle)
Datarock – Give It Up
Nessbeal – No Life Remix feat. Orelsan
Kaospilot – Weak Hands May Equal Firm Valor
Patrick Wolf – Hard Times
Kid606 – Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
Factor Feat Ceschi – Pray
NOFX – We Called It America
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
Refused – Rather Be Dead
Mr. Lif – What About Us?
Saves the Day – Certain Tragedy
Pet Lions – Roman History
Zombie Nation – Forza
The Fresh & Onlys – Endless Love
Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax
Send More Paramedics – The Pain Of Being Dead
Micachu – Golden Phone
Krumb Snatcha – Triumph (Prod. By Karimbo)
Biffy Clyro – Strung To Your Ribcage
Ratatat – Mirando
Lucky Fonz III – Station Wagon
Loney, Dear – Airport Surroundings
Taking Back Sunday – The Blue Channel
Girl Talk – No Pause
ILL (Xmen), Cross, Joe Lucazz, Work – Krach Monnaie
binarpilot – Goof
CunninLynguists – KKKY
Otto Von Schirach – Subatomic Disco Divas
Rilo Kiley – Portions for Foxes
Jon Hopkins – Insides
Onra – what up duyet
La Rue Ketanou – Todas Las Mujeres
Charles Trenet – Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

Bzangy Groink First Podcast!


Ahhh… Today, I assembled the gear you see above and did my first ever Bzangy Groink podcast! It’s a truncated version of Wednesday night’s playlist (which’ll be up shortly!) where I concentrate on the new artists.

I only play clips of the songs as I think I’d be on dodgy legal ground if I played any more than that. I probably still am – fingers crossed, eh? 🙂

Listening back, it’s obvious I’m a bit nervous and I do tend to say ‘ummmm’ a lot more than I’d like. But it’s not bad for a first effort!

Enjoy! 🙂

US Terrorist Bombing Kills 100+ Afghans

USA murders 100+ Afghans

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets in Farah in western Afghanistan in protest at the deaths of civilians in US air strikes earlier this week.

Witnesses said the crowd chanted “death to America, death to the invaders”, and demanded US forces leave Afghanistan.
(Source: BBC News)

So, while Obama and his cronies are bleating on about the evil terrorism of Al Quaeda, his forces have just murdered over one hundred innocent Afghan civilians. Including women and children, according to the Red Cross. One official reported twenty children killed in this brutal American attack.

When the USA kills one hundred civilians with its bombs, you won’t see footage on the news. You won’t hear our UK ministers (war criminals themselves) condemning the violence or mourning the loss of life. Because American terror is GOOD!

All we hear, everyday, is news of sectarian bomb attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. The under-reporting of US killings spreads the propaganda that most of the people killed in Afghanistan and Iraq are victims of Al Quaeda or sectarian clashes. This is a deliberate lie spread by the USA to cover-up their enormous war crime, the slaughter of over one million Iraqis. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Or, better yet, listen to the words of an Afghan rather than more US propaganda:

One protester, Haji Nangyalai, 42, said he was demonstrating to “show our anger at the crimes committed by the American forces”.

“We ask the Afghan government to force the American forces to leave Afghanistan. They kill more civilians than Taleban,” he said.
(Source: BBC News)

I’ll put that a bit bigger for any Tories / Republicans / Obama-apologists who might be reading:

“We ask the Afghan government to force the American forces to leave Afghanistan. They kill more civilians than Taleban.”

How is the USA still regarded as an international arbiter of morality when it’s killed more civilians in the last six years than any other nation and has a president who approves of kidnap and torture?