Wintermute, Great Eskimo Hoax, Funfun

On Friday, I went to another great Sexy? No! Promo gig and saw three lovely bands!


First on were Funfun who lived up to their name by doing a set of funfunny, proggy, poppy music. They also played with a lot of happiness, always a winning move for any band.

Great Eskimo Hoax

Then came Great Eskimo Hoax. They had off-kilter pop songs that had bits of often rather bizarre keyboarding going on. I liked them! It wasn’t just weirdness for the sake of it, the strangeness fitted the songs perfectly.


Last were the mighty Wintermute who once again rocked like bastards, putting everything into their performance. If you’re a fan of screamy, rocky, riffyness, I reckon you should check them out.

Click any of the pics to see galleries of the bands! 🙂