Obama: Master Of Hypocrisy

Obama Hypocrite

[Obama] was speaking ahead of a meeting with EU leaders in the Czech capital, Prague, hours after North Korea launched a rocket despite international warnings.

Mr Obama condemned the launch: “Now is the time for a strong international response,” he said.

“North Korea must know that the path to security and respect will never come through threats and illegal weapons.”
(Source: BBC News)

Oh dearie me… just where to start? How about this:

A suspected US missile strike in north-west Pakistan, the second drone attack in four days, has killed 13 people.

Local officials in North Waziristan, near the Afghan border, said the dead included women and children as well as militants – some of them foreigners.
(Source: BBC News)

That was yesterday. Yesterday.

Yes, that’s Obama’s USA firing missiles from drone aircraft, killing innocent men, women and children. This is the 9th attack since Obama took power, there have been at least 35 so far, murdering over 340 civilians.

How many people did North Korea’s missile launch kill? Oh yes, that’s right – none.

So, it’s alright for the USA to murder people with terrorist missile attacks but it’s not okay for North Korea to launch a missile that doesn’t harm anyone. Yes, seems perfectly reasonable to me. Obama is just!

But hold on… what’s that Obama’s saying about illegal weapons? Does he mean like the ones Israel used in its war crimes against Gaza, crimes that were fully supported by the USA:

Israel white phosphorous

Yes, that’s white phosphorous raining from the skies, courtesy of Israel and it’s biggest ally, the USA. Looks like an illegal weapon to me.

Israel’s use of white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas during the recent Gaza conflict may constitute war crimes, a rights group has said.

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of “deliberately or recklessly” using the shells in violation of the laws of war, causing “needless civilian deaths”.

White phosphorous, which is used to lay smokescreens, is legal for use on open ground but its use in built-up areas where civilians are found is banned under international conventions.
(Source: BBC News)

Obama’s been strangely quiet about those illegal weapons, about those war crimes.

Apparently, if you’re Israel or the USA, international law doesn’t apply to you. It only applies to North Korea, Iran and other countries.

Do you see? Simple!

Obama’s hypocrisy is running wild. Every day, he orders another missile attack on Pakistani civilians at the same time as having the sheer gall to criticise Iran and North Korea about their “threats.”

Obama = Bush. No change whatsoever, just a slicker line of bullshit.