Bzangy Groink Playlist 22/4/09

Manchester Orchestra

The best new track on Wednesday was ‘Tony The Tiger’ by Manchester Orchestra. I love the build of this guitarry stormer, I love the pace and I love his voice. Please check out their new album, ‘Mean Everything To Nothing‘ which was released last Tuesday.

Warm Leatherette

The best old track had to be ‘Warm Leatherette‘ by The Normal. It’s a seminal electro-pop song springing from the genius of Daniel Miller. I also had to play it because it was inspired by ‘Crash,’ written by the equally-genius J.G. Ballard, who passed away last Sunday. R.I.P.

This is what youse hoird:

Side C Feat Loe Pesci – Trees
Skream – percression
Onra – My Comet
Black Lipstick – Viva Max
Refused – Coup D’Etat
Munk – Down In L.A. (Shazam Remix)
Zwart Licht – Bliksemschicht
Realpeople – My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille
Alias – I Heart Drum Machines
The Gay Blades – O Shot
Mr. SOS – Die For You
Phonat – Set Me Free
The Joy Formidable – Cradle
Common – The Game (Feat. DJ Premier)
Lukestar – White Shade
M.O. & Brakko – Geen Haat Hier
Harmonic 313 – call to arms
Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
The Lucksmiths – Self-Preservation
Relation – Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
Russian Circles – Harper Lewis
Dananananaykroyd – Black Wax
Loefah – disko rekah
Consonant – John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’
CunninLynguists – KKKY
The Juan Maclean – No Time
I Monster – Inzects
New Rhodes – The Joys Of Finding And Losing
Micachu – Vulture
Mr. Lif – Welcome To The World
dresden dolls – Girl Anachronism
Themakingof – Are You Ready for More Sex?
Akira Kiteshi – pinball
k-os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Super Furry Animals – God! Show Me Magic
My Bloody Valentine – Sueisfine
Mistabishi – Printer Jam
Prevail – Mean Streets (With Souls of Mischief)
Metric – Satellite Mind
Harlem Shakes – Sunlight
The Joggers – Ziggurat Traffic
Zombie Nation – Forza
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
Kaospilot – Weak Hands May Equal Firm Valor
Canadian Invasion – The Carcass Of John Mayer
The Normal – Warm Leatherette
School of Seven Bells – Chain
M.O. & Brakko – Geen Haat Hier
Burning Skies – Warhate
Frightened Rabbit – Fast Blood
Loney, Dear – Airport Surroundings
Fugazi – Waiting Room
MC Solaar – Nouveau western
Brakes – Hey Hey
Joker – Digidesign
Pink Grease – The Pink G.R.Ease
Manchester Orchestra – Tony The Tiger
Termanology – Watch How It Go Down (prod. by DJ Premier)
Soft Toy Emergency – I Kno U Want It
Air France – No Excuses
Sage Francis – Gunz Yo
Rufus Wainwright – April Fools
The Shins – New Slang

Dick Cheney – Proud Nazi

Dick Cheney - proud Nazi

Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney has urged the CIA to release memos which he says show harsh interrogation techniques such as water-boarding work.

His comments follow the publication of memos written by Bush administration lawyers which justified the techniques.

Mr Cheney said that the decision to publish the memos was a mistake.

And it was misleading, he said, because the documents did not include those demonstrating that harsh interrogation delivered intelligence “success”.
(Source: BBC News)

Note that in the whole article or his statement, Cheney never addresses whether torture is moral or not. All he cares about is that torture apparently resulted in “success.” Yep, it probably did. Just as nuking the entire Middle East (‘cept for Israel, of course) would lead to “success.”

This is the mind of Cheney – torture, mass-murder, anything is justifiable in the imperial march of the USA. The USA has no need to bother with morality or international law, these are merely trivialities to be swept aside before the undeniable, unstoppable will of the US government. MIGHT IS RIGHT!

Sound familiar? Here’s another chap who thought very similarly:

Dick Cheney - proud Nazi

That Cheney’s neo-fascism goes un-challenged by all our media is an indicator of how yellow our press is. The man has just said he believes in torturing people (and no doubt ordered it carried out) and he’s still given a public platform when he should be on trial for his war crimes.


Wintermute, Great Eskimo Hoax, Funfun

On Friday, I went to another great Sexy? No! Promo gig and saw three lovely bands!


First on were Funfun who lived up to their name by doing a set of funfunny, proggy, poppy music. They also played with a lot of happiness, always a winning move for any band.

Great Eskimo Hoax

Then came Great Eskimo Hoax. They had off-kilter pop songs that had bits of often rather bizarre keyboarding going on. I liked them! It wasn’t just weirdness for the sake of it, the strangeness fitted the songs perfectly.


Last were the mighty Wintermute who once again rocked like bastards, putting everything into their performance. If you’re a fan of screamy, rocky, riffyness, I reckon you should check them out.

Click any of the pics to see galleries of the bands! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brakes, Voluntary Butler Scheme & Mascot Fight

Tuesday night, I saw a great gig at The Royal!

Mascot Fight

First on were Mascot Fight. They seem more relaxed and into the music every time I see them. Great pop songs, fun and happiness!

Voluntary Butler Scheme

Next was Voluntary Butler Scheme. He did a set of loops but in a very pop song way, like a mix of Jens Lekman and Harry Nilsson. Wonderful singing voice too.


Last on were Brakes. They played a hugely energetic but seemingly effortless set. And it was quite bizarre to see the way they switched from countryness to punky aggression with barely a breath. Lovely!

Click any of the pics to see galleries of the bands. ๐Ÿ™‚

Obama Condones Past And Future Torture

USA Torture Camp

US President Barack Obama says CIA agents who used harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism suspects during the Bush era will not be prosecuted.

Rights groups have criticised his decision to protect CIA agents involved in the interrogation procedures.

Amnesty International said the Department of Justice appeared to be offering a “get-out-of-jail-free card” to individuals who were involved in acts of torture.
(Source: BBC News)

At the same time as saying that the US won’t use torture in future interrogations, Obama lets the torturers off scot-free.

Binyam Mohamed
Another victim of USA-style freedom and democracy, i.e. kidnap and torture

Let’s unpack the message this sends.

Firstly, it says that torture isn’t really a crime when the US carries it out. After all, doesn’t a civilised country prosecute criminals? Hell, the UK just locked up 114 people for planning a protest at a power station. These CIA agents, psychologists and soldiers have tortured innocent people and nothing will be done, they will face no justice for their crimes.

Secondly, it makes torture in the future fine too. If Obama had done the right thing and started criminal proceedings against these criminals, maybe in the future, when Americans were about to torture more innocents, they would have thought twice. Their self-interest might have whispered to them, “Hold on – if I torture this 14-year-old boy we’ve kidnapped from Iraq, maybe, one day, I’ll get arrested for this war crime.”

But now…

Now, torturers will assume any future US government will cover up their crimes in exactly the same way that Obama is now.

Obama’s message is simple: the USA approves of all the torture it’s carried out at Guantanamo and will torture people in the future as and when it deems it necessary.