Paired Example Of Media Bias: NORTH KOREA = EVIL, USA = GOOD

Korea = EVIL, USA = GOOD

North Korean soldiers have detained two female US journalists, according to media reports.

The reporters were arrested on Tuesday near a river on North Korea’s border with China, according to South Korean TV and newspaper reports.

The journalists had apparently ignored warnings to stop filming in the area.
(Source: BBC News)

Okay, let’s start with the obvious point:

If two people were filming in the London or Washington and were asked by the police to stop and refused, they’d be arrested as terrorists. We are no more free or open than the “secretive state” (as the BBC article calls it) of North Korea.

In fact, knowing our police, these reporters should be happy they’ve not been shot in the head seven times with no warning being issued.

Then, notice how when North Korea holds *two* US citizens on security grounds, that’s big news…

… but when the US kidnaps, imprisons and tortures hundreds of innocent people in Guantanamo – that isn’t newsworthy. Gordon Brown makes no comments even when they’re British residents. Oh, actually we do help – we send our secret services to help out torturing the innocent captives.

Let’s see if this is all over the telly tonight. That’ll be the final proof of how in the pocket of the US our mass media is.

Meanwhile, seemingly every day, the USA launches terrorist attacks on Pakistan, killing scores of civilians and our media says nothing…