Day: March 13, 2009

  • Pug Chaser

    It’s been a bit grim on Bzangy today, a lot of news that I had to comment on that, frankly, makes me sad and angry. So, here’s a pug chaser. Hope it makes you smile as much as it does me! 😀

  • Binyam Mohamed: Victim Of US Torture Thanks To Britain

    A UK resident freed from Guantanamo Bay has said he would not have faced torture or extraordinary rendition but for British involvement in his case. US interrogators told him, “This is the British file and this is the American file,” Binyam Mohamed, 30, told the BBC in his first broadcast interview. He said he wanted…

  • Obama’s Terror Attack Kills Another 24 Pakistanis, Gordon Brown Approves

    Missiles fired by an unmanned US drone have killed at least 24 people in Pakistan’s Kurram tribal region near the Afghan border, officials have said. Local officials said the dead were local Taleban and that the toll may rise. Thirty others were injured. Correspondents say this is the fifth drone attack on Pakistani territory since…