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This Town Needs Guns, Best Endings, Lines In Sand, These Waves

On Saturday night, I saw four lovely bands for four quid at The Vic. Result!

These Waves

First on were These Waves who just get better every time I see them and they were good to start with. I thought they really connected with the audience, no easy feat when you’re on first. But their effort paid off and I saw a lot of happy, smiling faces in the crowd.

Lines In Sand

Next on were Lines In Sand. They basically blew me away. I’d never heard anything by them before and by three songs in, I was loving it. By the end of the set I was a total convert and went and bought their CD. Brilliant!

Best Endings

Then came Best Endings. Despite Beal warning me that I wouldn’t like them, I did! Yeah, some of their set was a bit too twiddly for me but when they rocked, as on the very last song, they were awesome. Just a great energy there, well done!

This Town Needs Guns

Last on were This Town Needs Guns who out-twiddled everyone else and then some. Their guitarist was bewilderingly good, often sounding like two or three guitarists on his own. I don’t know any of the titles but there was one song in particular where he was doing incredibly fast picking and silly bends at the same time. The kids in the front row were swooning with happiness!

So, thanks to Sexy? No! Promotions for putting on a fantastic night, I had a great time and so did everyone else at The Vic. Good work! 🙂

(Click any of the pics above to see galleries of each band!)