Creative Blocks 15 – Leni Ward + Origamibiro

Creative Blocks
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Woohoo! Last night, I went to Creative Blocks at Big Blue and had an ace time. Loads of lovely people, great music plus decaff! Mmm…

Leni Ward

First on was Leni Ward. Coupling quite dour electro backing with a beautiful voice, parts of her set reminded me of Laurie Anderson (though I’m guessing Imogen Heap is who she’s usually compared to). Very intense, often quite bleak. In a good way!

Origami Biro

Then, upstairs for Origamibiro and The Joy Of Box. OB were doing the music, TJOB was providing the visuals. Sorry the pics are so grainy but, as there was a projector, the room was basically dark.

Origamibiro make their music by sampling the scrunching and tearing of bits of paper and then looping those samples. Then they add to this with banjos, guitars, matchboxes whatever. The sound is electronic in a warm, organic and quite claustrophobic way. I loved their set but had to leave early cos I was knackered and I’ve got root canal work at the dentists’ today. This sadly meant I missed Nova Robotics, who were due to play quite late.

A big thanks to Creative Blocks for putting on yet another fabulous night! It was wonderful to go out on a Friday in Derby and see some different live music. This city can get a bit guitar-centric so seeing live electronic music is always good! šŸ™‚