Late Of The Pier, Micachu, Connan Mockasin

The Royal

Woooo! I had a great time last night seeing three fabulous bands at The Royal in Derby. And the management there were kind enough to get me in the swanky photographer bit at the front so I could get plenty of pics too. Mmmm… Click any of the pics below to see galleries of each band.

Connan Mockasin

First on was Connan Mockasin. Hopefully, you already know his / their stuff, if not, you should at least check out the dreamy, off-kilter ‘Sneaky, Sneaky Dog Friend.’ They played a too-short set but even so, it was wonderful to hear such weird pop at such a big gig.


Next were Micachu (and The Shapes) who I saw before when they supported The Presets. And they were even better this time! So many artists try to make non-simple pop and end up making dreary prog or math rock. Micachu sidesteps that neatly, remaining very catchy but always a bit unpredictable. In that way (and no other!), they remind me of XTC. Check ’em out!

Late Of The Pier

And then… LATE OF THE PIER! Wow, what a great gig! They put on a fiery, stomping show and got the whole crowd rocking, so much so that the floor was literally moving up and down. It was a little bit scary, to be honest, but there are worse ways to die than at a collapsing electrorock gig, innit? The highlights of the gig were, inevitably, ‘Focker’ and ‘Heartbeat’ but LOTP put so much energy into their set that I don’t think anyone can have left unconverted. Often mis-labelled as ironically ’80s, there wasn’t an atom of irony or sarcasm in their performance last night, they were totally passionate, totally evangelical.

Catch them soon, won’t be long before they’re at the top of the charts! 😀