Gaza Peace Demo, 10/1/2009

Gaza Peace Demo

For more pics from the demo, click the shot above.

Yesterday, Sean, Matt and I travelled down to London to take part in the Gaza Peace Demo.

It was a big demo, judging by previous ones I’ve been on. I’d say there were at least 50,000 there, maybe more. The BBC agrees with that number, the Metropolitan police have issued their traditionally risible estimate.

All those tens of thousands of people were marching for one reason: we want the attacks on Gaza to stop. Yes, we also want Hamas to stop killing innocent Israelis with their rockets. But let’s get some perspective here – as of tonight, 879 Palestinians have been killed by the relentless Israeli barrage. Thirteen Israelis have died as the result of Hamas’ terror attacks. That’s some disparity. A pea shooter versus a machine gun.

Israel has also been criticised by the Red Cross for committing war crimes and by the UN for an incident where civilians were told to stay in a “safe house” which was then subsequently shelled by the Israeli military. How does Israel reply to these accusations? They say they will investigate. Nothing more.

The US does nothing about the horrendous loss of life. Remember how vocal they were about the Russia vs. Georgia conflict? Remember how they accused Russia of terrible aggression and warmongering? It seems that if you’re a friend of the US like Israel is, your warmongering becomes unmentionable.

It appears that Israel is preparing for a full invasion of Gaza and that the blitzkrieg they’re now wreaking on the region is simply a prelude to occupation. In this, they’re following the template the US and its allies laid down in Iraq. That conflict has so far cost over one million Iraqi lives.

How many more innocents must die in this conflict?