Month: January 2009

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 28/1/09

    The best new track tonight was The Bird And The Bee‘s ‘Love Letter To Japan.’ It’s a dreamy, creamy pop song with a killer chorus. Check out their new album, released this week! The best old track was ‘Skin’ by The Wannadies. I just love this song! 🙂 Tonight, you heard: Cepia – Opening Parade…

  • Kitchen Stuff

    Just some snaps from my folks’ kitchen.

  • Black And White Walk

    Click the pic above to see some monochrome Derbyness from yesterday morning.

  • Bar Lisi

    Ahhh, the warm delight of a decaff latte! Click to see some more treats!

  • Derby Wander

    On Saturday, we went for a wander around Derby, taking in some loveliness, grimness and much face-freezing weather. Click the pic above to see more!

  • 5D Mk2 Night Shots

    Click the pic above to see some shots I took at night times with my new 5D mark 2!

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 14/1/09

    Woo, the first BG of this year was quite full and very friendly, lovely bunch of people! I got many great requests (most of which I managed to fit in) and also loads of enquiries about what track I was playing, which always makes me happy. The whole point of my DJ night is to…

  • Gaza Peace Demo, 10/1/2009

    For more pics from the demo, click the shot above. Yesterday, Sean, Matt and I travelled down to London to take part in the Gaza Peace Demo. It was a big demo, judging by previous ones I’ve been on. I’d say there were at least 50,000 there, maybe more. The BBC agrees with that number,…

  • Stop The War Website Hacked

    I just got this email from the Stop The War Coalition: Stop the War Coalition Temporary email address STOP THE WAR WEBSITE AND EMAIL ATTACKED Stop the war has suffered a serious attack on its internet site, which has been hacked, we assume by supporters of Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Our website is down…

  • More Fog

    2009 has brought some fffrrreaky weather so far. Click the pic to see more fogginess!

  • Freezing Day In Derby

    Today was absolutely bloody freezing! But also very sunny. I couldn’t resist the combination and managed to get a few pics of the cold splendour. Click the pic for a gallery of brrrrrrr…

  • The Making Of / In The Back Of The Real, Live At The Vic

    The Making Of, rocking! On Saturday, I nipped down to the Vic and caught In The Back Of The Real and The Making Of. It was a lovely combination of shoegazing followed by poppy shambling. Click the pic to see some more! 🙂

  • 5D Mk 2 Test Video

    5D mk2 Test Video from Jyoti Mishra on Vimeo. A very short, very shaky test clip from my new camera! Mmmm… blurry!

  • Peeps In Scream

    Click the pic above for some more peeps in Scream!