Bille The Vision And The Dancers Live At The Royal, Derby, 24/10/08

Billie The Vision And The Dancers

Billie The Vision And The Dancers, live last night! Click the pic for a gallery!

If you’re a regular Groinker, you probably already know that I have a soft-spot for Billie The Vision.

So, as soon as I heard they were playing in Derby, supporting The Pipettes, I got tickets and me and my mrs went to the gig last night.


Although the set was very short as they weren’t headlining and the PA was acting up quite badly, the talent, charm and honesty of BTV shone through. Yeah, there were a few idiot kids in the audience shouting homophobic stuff out about Lars’ clothes but BTV managed to convert most of the peeps there who hadn’t seen / heard them before.

There were a couple of girls in front of me who started off the BTV show giggling, wondering why a man was dressed up in women’s clothes. By the end of the gig, they were clapping and jumping up and down. Such is the power of great pop.

BTV played a mix of songs from old albums and the newie and, honestly, they performed like superstars on that stage. New songs like ‘Lily From The Middleway Street’ just stormed along, a great, grand party of a tune, inviting everyone. And then there were softer, slower oldies like ‘Man From Argentina’ that were sooo sweet. It helps that all the band are effortlessly great on their respective instruments but technical proficiency can so often lead to leaden, worthy workouts. Not so with Billie The Vision. Live, everything BTV do serves the songs, frames those perfect vignettes perfectly.

If I had to make any criticism, it’s that they didn’t play long enough but, obviously, that was out of their hands.

It felt quite bizarre, standing in a venue in Derby hearing this band I’ve loved since hearing about them when I was gigging in Sweden. To see them, in real life, a few feet in front of me… well, it was a night I won’t ever forget.

Please, check out their music if you haven’t already!