Month: October 2008

  • The Presets Live At The Royal, 29/10/08

    The Presets! Click the pic for a small gallery! Whoah! Last night I went to see The Presets and they were awesome! I’ve liked them ever since I heard ‘Are You The One?’ off their debut album and 2008’s newie, ‘Apocalypto’ is even poppier. It’s a raw, chunky slice of electropop, fusing classic synthpop with…

  • Gothness

    Release the bats! I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I’ve got quite a big streak of goth in me. Not goth in the modern, American sense (all latex and metal) but in the more British, ’80s, 4AD, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry way. So I thought I’d do…

  • Bille The Vision And The Dancers Live At The Royal, Derby, 24/10/08

    Billie The Vision And The Dancers, live last night! Click the pic for a gallery! If you’re a regular Groinker, you probably already know that I have a soft-spot for Billie The Vision. So, as soon as I heard they were playing in Derby, supporting The Pipettes, I got tickets and me and my mrs…

  • Bar Lisi Playlist 22/10/08

    Wednesday was special. I played multiple tracks by Billie The Vision And The Dancers as I was so excited that they were gigging in Derby on Friday (I saw them!). So, the best old song was ‘I’m Pablo’ by BTVATD. (Off their 2005 album.) And the best new song was ‘Groovy’ by BTVATD. (Off their…

  • I’m A Monster In Bed

    Some silliness with my camera and a blue friend. 😀

  • Royal Views

    Click the pic to see some shots in and from the Royal nightclub, Derby.

  • Geoff Hoon – Evil, Moron Or Both?

    Hoon, right, with another happy child-murderer Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has said the government is prepared to go “quite a long way” with civil liberties to “stop terrorists killing people”. He was responding to criticism of plans for a database of mobile and web records, saying it was needed because terrorists used such communications. By…

  • Garden October ’08

    Click the pic about to see a few autumn sunshine pics from my garden!

  • Mushrooms

    Popping up everywhere in the garden! 🙂

  • The 39 Steps At Quad Derby

    Today, my mrs. and I went to see one of my favourite films, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The 39 Steps.’ I’ve seen it many times on telly, I’ve got the DVD but I’ve never seen it at the cinema so when I saw it in the Quad programme, I couldn’t resist. It’s the first time I’ve seen…

  • Bar Lisi Playlist 8/10/08

    Woohoo! This week, there’s no best old tune as I have *two* top new tunes for you! The Fairline Parkway The first is by The Fairline Parkway and it’s the sublime ‘Eaves.’ What a gently shimmering track, reminds me a little of American Analog Set. Check out the album too, it’s all great! My Big…

  • Navel-Gazing

    Above is a summary of my Flickr stats for today. Most popular pic, clockwork. Second, fit girls. Third, fit lad. Fourth, group shot people have clicked on to see if they can spot themselves. Now, here’s a graph of my views on this website. For some reason, it’s gradually increasing which is both gratifying and…

  • Moodychops Swan


  • Snug Social

    I was out at the Snug Social last night and I danced till the very last note from the PA – 3.30am! A lovely night and a great atmosphere! 🙂 Click the pic for a gallery.

  • Bar Lisi Playlist 1/10/08

    Blitzen Trapper Wooo – what a packed night! And loads of great requests, old and new! Speaking of which, the best new track was ‘Gold For Bread’ by Blitzen Trapper. It’s off their very poppy new album, ‘Furr,’ and it was released last week. Check it out for singalong loveliness! Gary Numan The best old…