Derby Festé 2008

Derby Festé 2008


What an absolutely amazing night the opening of Derby Festé 2008 was!

Giant insects:

Derby Festé 2008


Derby Festé 2008

And the enchanting Heliosphere pictured at the top.

We got into town around eight and were just in time to see the Sarruga insects marching past Bold Lane. I think my fave was the mantis, I loved the way it nibbled on vegetation it was passing. 🙂

Then the assorted giant creatures met in the market place and ambled around for a while before the Heliosphere rose into view like a multi-coloured moon. The crowd was all ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ as the graceful dancer swooped and soared, sometimes just touching hands with the audience:

Derby Festé 2008

Finally, some very lovely fireworks (more ‘ooohs’ from the crowd) and the launch of Festé 2008 was over. A perfect way to introduce Quad Derby to the 4,500 people who passed through the doors last night.

It was marvellous to feel such a positive, friendly vibe in Derby and be surrounded by thousands of people enjoying the show. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve seen in Derby since… well, probably the dragons last year. 🙂

Here’s to Festé 2009!

(Click any of the pics for a gallery from last night!)