Derby Quad

Yesterday, I went for a meeting at Derby’s new centre for the arts and film, the Quad.

I’ve been invited, along with around with a few other peeps, to be a Quad Ambassador. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that I can embark on a crime spree and then scuttle to sanctuary in the Quad. What it actually entails is spreading the word about Quad and also passing any ideas or criticisms back.

We got a little tour of the new building and it’s very impressive. There’s a large space for exhibitions, two cinema screens, the first BFI Mediatheque outside of London and a bright, airy cafe. To see this kind of initiative in Derby is inspiring. And I’m not just saying that because the cinema seats are far more comfortable than the bum-destroying ones at the Westfield.

I really hope that Quad can kick-start new art in Derby in the context of its friendly, inclusive space. It’ll also be wonderful to have a purpose-built environment for art and film rather than somewhere adapted to those functions after the fact. Looking out of the Quad’s windows at the Market Place felt strange, like a whole new era in Derby had arrived.

The Quad officially opens on Friday, September 26th so you can pop down yourself then and have a look around. In the mean time, if you’d like a sneak peak, just click on the pic above for a little tour!