Bar Lisi Playlist 27/8/08

Whoop whoop! Another excellent night at Lisi, loads of people in what seemed like two shifts with an emptier bit around 10.30ish.

Russian Circles
Russian Circles

The best new track tonight was Russian Circles’ ‘Harper Lewis.’ I don’t normally go for lengthy, instrumental rock but, blimey, is their new album good. ‘Harper Lewis’ moves from dreamy, swooshy bits to lovely, heavy riffery. Excellent!

Julie London
The gorgeous Ms. London

The best old track was, of course, Julie London’s sublime ‘You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To.’ What a voice and set in a stunning arrangement that frames it perfectly.

Every artist is linked up to below, so you can hear the beauty for yourself! Enjoy! 🙂

This is what you heard:

Basement Khemist – Correct Technique
Evangelicals – Midnight Vignette
Cardopusher – Everything Is A New Surprise
Stephen Malkmus – The Hook
Reks – Say Goodnight
Brighton Port Authority Ft. Iggy Pop – He’s Frank
Lykke Li – Little Bit
The Field – Over The Ice
Juno – Non-Equivalents
Bass Clef – 23 Tunnel Chords
Bleeding Through – Seller’s Market
Cyne – Elephant Rom
The Presets – Yippiyo-A
Algernon Cadwallader – Serial Killer Status
Mystic Man & Eshamanjaro – Cheshire Cat
AFI – Porphyria
Lone – Cali Drought Wave
Russian Circles – Harper Lewis
Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden
Deerhunter – Never Stops
David Bowie – Golden Years
These New Puritans – Swords Of Truth
Ratatat – Mirando
Burning Skies – Emocalypse
7Seconds – Our Core
The Hold Steady – Stay Positive
Untold – Purify
Silver Jews – Open Field
Elzhi – That’s That One
Takka Takka – Silence
The Defaced – Imprisoned Insolence
Beirut – Elephant Gun
Lateef & Z-Trip – Watch Out (All Night Intro) (Feat. Chali 2na, Rakaa, Lyrics Born, Gift Of Gab, Dj Shadow & Dj Q-Bert)
Casey Jones – Know This X
Pink Skull – Gonzo’s Cointreau
Chromeo – Tenderoni
Del Rey – Redfivestandingby
Sweatshop Union – Timelines
The National – Blank Slate
Girl Talk – Set It Off
Trash80 – Icarus
Rodney P – We Don’t Like Coppers
Refused – Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine
Late of the Pier – Heartbeat
Mystery Jets – Veiled In Grey
A Different Breed of Killer – Omega
Motion City Soundtrack – Fell In Love Without You
Kettel – The Wombat
Operator Please – Just A Song About Ping Pong
The Insomniaddicts – Brown Boxes
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Never Understand
Frightened Rabbit – The Twist
Weezer – Thought I Knew
Dosh – Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop
Aesop Rock – No Jumper Cables
Efterklang – Mirador
Maxilla Blue – Unbelievable Grams Of Pure
A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions
Johnny Foreigner – Cranes And Cranes And Cranes A
Pavement – Grave Architecture
Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Cuidad Del Swing (Version)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Loop Duplicate My Heart
Movits – Swing För Hyresgästföreningen
Vapnet – Kalla Mig
Twigy – Rapshit Ft. Syzzzy Syzzza, Dj Ameken
The Cinematic Orchestra – And Relax!
mc chris – On*
Seabear – I Sing I Swim
ZAO – Ember
Larvae – Sith Witch
The Stills – Allisson Krausse
Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me
Julie London – You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
The Shins – New Slang
The Williams Fairey Brass Band – Pacific 202

The USA Murders Sixty Children, Nobody Cares

US Murders 90 Civilians, 60 Of Them Children

There is convincing evidence that 60 children and 30 adults were killed in a US air strike in western Afghanistan last Friday, the United Nations says.
The US originally said its planes had killed 30 militants in the attack in the province of Herat.

“Investigations by Unama found convincing evidence, based on the testimony of eyewitnesses, and others, that some 90 civilians were killed, including 60 children, 15 women and 15 men,” the UN’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“The destruction from aerial bombardment was clearly evident with some seven-eight houses having been totally destroyed and serious damage to many others.
“Local residents were able to confirm the number of casualties, including names, age and gender of the victims.”
(Source: BBC News)

I checked the TV news tonight on both ITV and BBC1 at 10pm.

The lead story on BBC1 was about Russia’s recognition of the independence of Abkahazia and South Ossetia. This was branded as warmongering by the USA and its client nation, Georgia.

No TV reporter chortled at the irony of the USA slinging around insults about occupation and UN resolutions. No reporter recalled how the USA continues to ignore the UN resolutions against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, violations dating back at least forty years now.

Apparently, only the USA and its friends, like Georgia and Israel, are allowed to pick and choose which bits of international law suit their tastes.

I kept watching. Was there going to be any mention of the fact that US forces murdered 90 civilians last Friday? Sixty of them were children. Did none of those sixty children even warrant one word on our national TV news?

No. The sports news came and went. The news was over. These 90 murdered Afghans weren’t important enough.

The official UN investigation says that the US forces killed 90 innocent people. You would have thought, what with the US loving the UN so much when it criticises Russia, that they might be moved by this report. Maybe issue some kind of formal statement. Perhaps just slip it into the press conference where they were slagging-off Russia for being warmongers? Just an apology?


Because, simply put, the USA doesn’t care. It’s killed over a million Iraqis and the world has done nothing, what’s a few more dead brown children, eh? It’s not like Condoleezza Rice or George W. Bush gives a damn about human life or freedom or even liberty.

Obviously, like their counterparts in Al Qaeda, all they care about is their own power.

We live in a time where the greatest military power in the world is commanded by monsters. Their mission is to encircle the globe with a string of military bases, country after country, Poland after Georgia, until the American Empire can suck the world dry of oil, gas and every other resource it needs.

Everything in our mass media portrays the US as benevolent. Oh sure, if you actually read, you can find articles like the one I’ve quoted at the top. But that isn’t most people. Most people don’t have the time to look any further than the mainstream media. Russia coughs and there’s a flurry of indignant reports on our news programs, reporters muttering grimly about ‘Russian aggression.’

But the USA… the USA can slaughter 90 people attending a wake and it doesn’t even get mentioned. Those deaths don’t exist. Like the Jews the Nazis murdered or the disappeared innocents in Guantanamo, those people are un-people.

I’m beyond anger now. I’m simply intensely sad and horrified. This can’t be the world, this can’t be reality. I can’t get the thought of those sixty dead children out of my head. It’s wrong.

It’s just so wrong.

Russia vs. America – Some Facts You May Have Missed

Russian PM

President Dmitry Medvedev has declared that Russia formally recognises the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Mr Medvedev told the BBC Russia had tried to preserve Georgian unity for 17 years, but that the situation had changed after this month’s violence.

He said Moscow now felt obliged to recognise South Ossetia and Abkhazia as other countries had done with Kosovo.

In a televised address on Monday evening, President Mikhail Saakashvili said the declaration was completely illegal and vowed to begin a “peaceful struggle” to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity.

Earlier, the US and France called the Russian move regrettable, while the UK said it categorically rejected it. Nato said the declaration violated numerous UN Security Council resolutions that Russia itself had endorsed.
(Source: BBC News)

This is the big story today. Not the continued illegal occupation of Iraq by the USA. This story which was universally framed by the TV news as one of ‘Russian aggression.’

Now, I’m not a fan of modern Russia. It has proven itself to be just as rapacious and capricious as modern America. In terms of evil, I’d say America is ahead because Russia hasn’t recently killed one million Iraqis in a quest for oil er… phantom WMDs.

But let’s look behind the always excellent American propaganda machine at some of the facts, shall we? Firstly, how was the Russian declaration received in the territories it recognised. Surely, there’s no real desire for independence from Georgia there, it’s all whipped-up by Russia, isn’t it?

In the two breakaway regions, however, Moscow’s move was warmly welcomed.

The leader of South Ossetia’s separatist government, Eduard Kokoity, said he would ask Moscow to set up a military base on his territory.

In the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali there were scenes of jubilation while residents in Abkhazia took to the streets to celebrate the news, firing into the air.

“We feel happy,” said Aida Gabaz, a 38-year-old lawyer in the Abkhaz capital Sukhumi.

“We all have tears in our eyes. We feel pride for our people.”
(Source: BBC News)

Oh! How strange! That isn’t at all how the TV news depicted it. Funny that, innit?

Then there’s the Russian aggression:

You’d be hard put to recall after all the fury over Russian aggression that it was actually Georgia that began the war last Thursday with an all-out attack on South Ossetia to “restore constitutional order” – in other words, rule over an area it has never controlled since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Nor, amid the outrage at Russian bombardments, have there been much more than the briefest references to the atrocities committed by Georgian forces against citizens it claims as its own in South Ossetia’s capital Tskhinvali.

Several hundred civilians were killed there by Georgian troops last week, along with Russian soldiers operating under a 1990s peace agreement: “I saw a Georgian soldier throw a grenade into a basement full of women and children,” one Tskhinvali resident, Saramat Tskhovredov, told reporters on Tuesday.
(Source: The Guardian)

Hmmm… now that’s confusing! I thought the Georgians were the good guys?? That’s what my TV told me!

And I thought the USA were all for independence movements? After all, the USA was founded in a revolution against the British Empire. Surely, the US would support Abkhazia and South Ossetia in their quest for independence in the post-Soviet era? Ahhh, maybe there’s a reason why they side with Georgia:

The CIA has in fact been closely involved in Georgia since the Soviet collapse. But under the Bush administration, Georgia has become a fully fledged US satellite.

Georgia’s forces are armed and trained by the US and Israel. It has the third-largest military contingent in Iraq – hence the US need to airlift 800 of them back to fight the Russians at the weekend.

Saakashvili’s links with the neoconservatives in Washington are particularly close: the lobbying firm headed by US Republican candidate John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, has been paid nearly $900,000 by the Georgian government since 2004.
(Source: The Guardian)

Oh – and I forgot to mention, the USA wants Georgia to join NATO. You know NATO? It’s the puppet of the USA, a relic of the Cold War that should be as relevant today as the Warsaw Pact. But if Georgia joins NATO… hey, US bases in Georgia! Ooh, that might help with the Caspian oil pipeline the US wants to run through there too.

Yes, once again, all the international outrage comes down to the same thing: oil and power.

We’ve been through this many times before.

I’m not claiming that Russia is a merciful angel. But I am claiming that America, very obviously, has an agenda beyond its empty bullshit about democracy and freedom.

Oil and power. Oil and power.

Remember those two things the next time you see some TV reporter anguishing about the fate of poor Georgia and those pesky, interfering Russians.

Repeat After Me, China Bad, USA Good

Binyam Mohammed

A British woman held in China for three days without charge after a Free Tibet demonstration is to be released and deported, Downing Street has said.

Mandy McKeown, 41, from Bristol, had been expected to be detained for 10 days following the protest in Beijing.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown raised her case when he met Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao on Friday.

No 10 said China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had taken notice of the “personal interest” of Mr Brown.
(Source: BBC News)

Hmmm… let’s see…

Mandy McKeown gets arrested and held with no charges. Gordon Brown is incensed and personally steps in. Hooray! The PM standing up for the average Brit imprisoned falsely, with no charge.

Binyam Mohammed gets kidnapped by the CIA and transported to the torture camp at Guantanamo. What does good old Gordon Brown do?


Ah well, it took three days to get Mandy McKeown released. Maybe he’ll get round to Binyam?

After all he’s been held with no charges for six years.

So, here’s how it works:

When China imprisons a Brit with no charge, that’s outrageous! We must get them released immediately! Three days is a nightmare, how dare the Chinese do this!

However, if the USA kidnaps a UK resident, tortures them, and then holds them in horrific conditions with no charges, Gordon Brown will keep quiet. For 2,190 days.

Yep. Seems entirely fair to me.

And just to clarify I’m not a supporter of the Chinese government. The Chinese state is a vicious, murderous regime that stifles dissent and disappears anyone it doesn’t like the smell of. All I’m saying is that the US government is no different, despite what you might see every night on your telly.

So why do China’s crimes count where the USA’s don’t?

US State Terrorism Kills 70 Afghan Civilians


Afghanistan’s president has criticised US forces for “unilateral operations” in the west which, the government says, killed at least 70 civilians.

Tribal elders said a bomb had been dropped on a large group of mourners at a wake in Herat on Friday.

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission said initial findings were that 78 civilians had been killed in the US raid, including women and children, but this could not be fully verified and a delegation was investigating.
(Source: BBC News)

So, 70+ civilians killed by the USA in their continuing War On Terror. Which seems to involve a lot of bombing of innocent people. Apparently, the USA agrees with Al Qaeda on how to wage war: don’t fight armies, bomb innocent people from a safe distance.

This is terrorism pure and simple. Are Afghans living in fear and terror of being killed by US bombs? Yes. Just as surely as they lived in fear and terror of being killed by Soviet munitions. Seems one brutal empire after another can’t seem to resist invading Afghanistan to “liberate” it.

Which leads me to the question: is there any such thing as a good state? Is there any state or government you can think of that hasn’t ruled with force, dehumanised its enemies and committed atrocities in the name of its people?

Meanwhile, the American Empire props up its puppets against Russia, at the same time as circling The Bear with a tightening noose of military bases. Russia and America trade tit-for-tat barbs in the world media while a foreign army occupies Afghanistan, slaughtering its innocents in the name of freedom. It’s beginning to feel like the ’80s again.

And not in a good way…



Looks like the good ole US of A managed to bag 89 civilians in their latest bombing attack:

Afghan tribal elders say a bomb was actually dropped on a large group of mourners at a funeral wake. Most of those dead were reported to be children.
“We went to the area and found out that the bombardment was very heavy. Lots of houses have been destroyed and more than 90 non-combatants including women, children and elders have died,” said Afghanistan’s religious affairs minister, Nematullah Shahrani, appointed by President Karzai to lead an inquiry into the incident.
(Source: BBC News)

So, most of the dangerous militants that the USA murdered in this attack were children.

Well done, America! Good job!

Tragic Life Stories

Tragic Life Stories

WH Smiths, Derby…

Assistant: “Can I help you, sir?”
Customer: “Oh yes. I’m looking for a book”
A: “Well, we have plenty of those! Hah!”
C: “Hah.”
(awkward silence)
A: “Yes…?”
C: “Yes.”
(more awkward silence)
A: “Errr… what kind of book are you after, sir?”
C: “Oooh…umm… biographies?”
A: “Ahhh, inspiring life stories! We’ve got lots of them! How about Gandhi? Or Einstein?”
C: “Ummm… no.”
A: “No?”
C: “No.”
(awkward silence)
A: “Not the kind of thing you’re after?”
C: “No, they’re a bit too… cheery?”
A: “Cheery?”
C: “Yeah, I’m looking for something more… depressing.”
A: “Ummm…?”
C: “Something that will thrill the ghoul in me. Give me the same kind of feeling as when I see a horrible car crash and slow down to gawp. Or that really great sadness I felt when Princess Di died. Something I can have a good old wallow in. Something tragic like that.”
A: “Ahhh! I get it! Well, we’ve got just the thing. If you’d just follow me…”