MPs Play Dumb Over Torture

Baha Mousa - murdered by UK troops.

MPs and peers have said they may have been misled over UK troops' use of banned interrogation methods in Iraq.

Not all troops had known "conditioning" techniques such as hooding and sleep deprivation were banned, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said.

The committee had received assurances by a minister and a senior military officer that they did know.

The use of such techniques emerged after the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa in British custody in 2003.

(Source: BBC News)

Oh… the poor MPs! They were misled! They had no idea the same interrogation techniques they’ve been sanctioning since the ’80s were going to be used in Iraq! They thought all the squaddies would be giving the Iraqis nice cups of tea and slices of battenburg!

Soldiers follow orders. Those orders come from their superior officers and, eventually, the policy behind those orders comes from government. The fact that British MPs are playing dumb over the hideous torture and murder of Baha Mousa and countless other Iraqis shows how bankrupt and craven this Blairite regime is.

We are governed by war criminals.

And one question: what kind of soldier could ever, ever imagine kicking a detainee to death is allowed by any international convention? Who are we sending out there?

If you’re un-familiar with how our troops treat innocent Iraqis, have a read of this:

British soldiers killed a 26-year-old Iraqi civilian by repeatedly beating him on the neck, chest and genital areas, High Court judges have heard.

Baha Mousa was one of six Iraqis whose families are challenging the UK Government’s decision not to hold an independent inquiry into their deaths.

Fellow hotel worker Kifah Taha al-Mutari said soldiers competed to see who could kick detainees the furthest.

A witness statement by Mr Mousa’s father, Daoud Mousa, was also before the court.

In it he recalled seeing his son’s body covered in blood and bruises: “He had a badly broken nose. There was blood coming from his nose and mouth. The skin on one side of his face had been torn away to reveal the flesh beneath.

“There were severe patches of bruising over all of his body. The skin on his wrists had been torn off and the skin on his forehead torn away and there was no skin under his eyes either.

“I literally could not bear to look at him.”

(Source: BBC News)

Yes, this all seems like perfectly civilised and normal behaviour for British troops. After all, they’re their to liberate the Iraqis from Saddam, who was a torturer and a murderer!

I’m sure Mr. Mousa’s family will, one day, thank us for our grand charity!

Why Is This News?


Reports from Iran say 29 people have been executed by hanging in Tehran.
Among them were convicts found guilty of murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking, state television IRIB reported on its website.
All the executions took place on Sunday morning in Tehran’s Evin prison, the report said.
(Source: BBC News)

Firstly, I’m against the death penalty. So, Iran murdering these citizens is an abomination. It is murder. State-sanctioned murder but murder nonetheless.


Why are we seeing this news story about Iran? Why isn’t every execution carried out in America newsworthy? George Bush is personally responsible for 155 death penalty executions… I don’t see any article about him?

I suspect that anything that is bad news about Iran is getting pushed forward by the people who control our media. Texas executing scores of prisoners – well, what purpose does it serve to report that? How does that help the anti-Iran propaganda war currently being waged by the US and UK and their allies?

It doesn’t, so it won’t become a news story. Similar to all the Afghans and Iraqis being shot at checkpoints by UK and US troops – well, that’s not news is it? We only report car bombings by “sectarians”, the people we murder don’t count.

Murder is murder.

Any country, any country that carries out the death penalty is a barbaric, un-civilised country.