Bzangy Playlist 25/6/08

Bzangy Groink DJing

Woohoo! Despite logistical problems that were surmounted with the help of friends (thanks Liz + Ben!), last night’s DJing went swimmingly. Plenty of people turned out and it was great to be able to play soooo much new music, with a few classics sprinkled in too.

I’m now on the hunt for a regular venue for BG as I’ve had so much positive feedback from last night. People have been texting, Facebooking and even old-fashioned telling me that they had a great time.

I’m immensely happy that in Derby, on a Wednesday night, it’s possible to get a crowd of music lovers out who are open-minded and don’t complain when they hear shedloads of unfamiliar tunes.

Along with this great night, it’s re-affirmed my faith in the possibilities of the DJ scene in Derby. I can confidently say that, yep, there is an audience out there who are hungry for new music, from every genre going.

To everyone who came along and made it such a lovely night, thank you! 😀

(The links below are all to, where you should be able to hear free snippets of each artist.)

Clevz – Blest
Islands – The Arm
Herman Düne – I Wish That I Could See You Soon
Evergreen Terrace – Rip This!
Russian Circles – Harper Lewis
Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!
Sonic Youth – Teen Age Riot
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
JME – Serious
Michael Hunter – Soviet Connection (Theme From Grand Theft Auto IV)
The Bird and the Bee – Again & Again
LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!
A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions
Errors – Dance Music
Dosh – Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop
A Different Breed of Killer – The Accidentist
Lykke Li – Little Bit
The IRS – The World Is Theirs
System of a Down – Suite-Pee
Pete and The Pirates – Mr Understanding
Sébastien Tellier – Divine
Swollen Members – Lady Venom
Motion City Soundtrack – Calling All Cops
The Red Chord – Film Critiques And Militia Men
Pacific! – Hot Lips
The Radio Dept. – Freddie And The Trojan Horse
S.E.N.S. – War Is Necessary
Neon Neon – I Lust U
Alexisonfire – Accidents
Henry Mancini – My Manne Shelly
Sons and Daughters – This Gift
Venetian Snares – Sajtban
Burning Skies – Emocalypse
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – The Ghost
The Sylvers – High School Dance
9th Wonder & Buckshot – Ready (Brand New Day)
Big Black – L Dopa
Mrs Jynx – Ice Pops
Sage Francis – Gunz Yo
A Wilhelm Scream – Jaws 3, People
Say Hi to Your Mom – These Fangs
Portishead – Machine Gun
mclusky – Icarus Smicarus
Devo – Be Stiff
Akala – Bit By Bit
Hot Snakes – Kreative Kontrol
Frightened Rabbit – The Twist
Cerrone – Supernature
Bleeding Through – Dead Like Me
Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me
Modeselektor – 2000007 Feat. TTC
Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes
boysetsfire – Rise
Parts & Labor – Brighter Days
The Grouch – The Bay To La Ft. Murs
Mascot Fight – Danger Man
Kettel – Fishfred
Johnny Foreigner – Lea Room
Sufjan Stevens – All Good Naysayers, Speak Up!
Copperpot – Demo (Feat Braintax)
The Notwist – Gloomy Planet
Fugazi – Full Disclosure
Modcam – Grain Season
Silver Jews – Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer
Plans and Apologies – Ginger Jimmy Jackson