Finally, A Great Night Out!

Snug Anti-Social
Click the pic for some shots from tonight!

Tonight/this morning/whatever the hell it is now, I’m a happy Jyoti.

Things have been quite depressing lately: a funeral, health problems, horrible war news and Derby weirdness.

Usually, I can dance myself out of the blues, at least for a short while. I love dancing. I’m no good at it but that’s irrelevant, of course. Dancing isn’t about looking good, it’s about feeling good, expressing yourself and letting the music just flow through you.

That’s been pretty hard lately as the club scene in Derby has been at a very low ebb. I’m not talking about the mainstream, Zanzibar / banging house-type scene, I’m sure that’s as mechanically efficient and utilitarian as it’s always been, like a disco abbattoir. I mean the alternative clubbing scene. You know, the clubs for freaks and geeks, like me. They’ve been piss-poor.

Tonight was different.

The Red Room of The Royal was host to the Snug Anti-Social and DJs Tom, Ash and Robbie played the finest set of music I’ve heard anywhere in the last few years. Forget every other tired, hilariously repetitive Derby club, forget the preternaturally dull Rescue Rooms. My god, this night was what clubbing is meant to be about: amazing music, lovely, sexy, people and a great venue. If that sounds borderline wanky, I can tell you that the atmosphere was friendly and inclusive, not elitist. This was all about a love of musics. And by that, I mean more than one genre.

Yep, tonight proved that it is possible to fill a room with people and get them all dancing to Nas and Glassjaw, Fugazi and Heatwave, Of Montreal and Dead Prez. In Derby! On a Friday night!

(Hey, no musical apartheid here! Nights that only play one genre are, like, soooo 20th century, dude…)

In their eclecticism, the DJs tonight shamed every other “alternative” DJ in Derby. I was grinning like a lunatic all night because I was so surprised and happy to hear such great choices. I knackered myself out too early so I couldn’t even dance to every fab song I heard. Whereas, in every other club, I’m standing round for two hours waiting to dance for five minutes. If I even get five minutes.

If this post sounds even more over-sentimental and hyper-emotional than usual, it’s because music means perhaps too much to me. Music itself is the healthiest it has ever been. Every week, I hear stunning new music from new artists. It angers and saddens me greatly that none of this is heard on the radio or in clubs, partly through the zombie stranglehold of major labels and their torrents of shite (hello Fratellis!), partly the laziness of most DJs.

Music has never been better, the music scene has never been worse.

Tonight was a tiny rebellion, maybe nothing more than a butterfly in front of a steamroller but, nevertheless, tremendously heartening.

The downside is that I now cannot bear the thought of going to a club night not this good.

So, I guess I’m staying in till the next one! 🙂