Firefox 3 On OSX

Firefox 3

Soooo… just downloaded the brand-new Firefox 3 and I have to say, I’m a little under-whelmed.

First of all, I kept getting an error sound when I tried to click on anything. Had to force-quit. Eventually, through playing around with Spaces, I discovered that this window:

Firefox 3

…spawns *behind* the main Firefox window on every start. I thought it must be some Google-related thingy so I un-installed every Google toolbar, Google Gear, everything.

But, nope, it still spawns. So, I have to switch to Space 2 and then back to Space 1 to see it and dismiss it before I can use Firefox 3. Not a great start!

Then there’s the bizarre text handling…

Now, I haven’t got any extensions installed now and yet, I get this in Google:

Firefox 3 Ugly Text

What the fuck? What’s with the squished text? Looks like anything in bold or underlined has come out at -150 ems.

And the weirdness appears in Gmail:

Firefox 3 Ugly Text

And even poor old Flickr:

Firefox 3 Ugly Text

Add that to the fact I’ve had at least two crashes in twenty minutes and it takes aeons to quit and I think I shall be sticking with good old Safari for a while!

Ah well, every new app has teething troubles! 🙂