Random Thoughts From No Sleep


How come The Bird And The Bee aren’t megafamous?

Isn’t the light outside lovely right now? It’s warm and clear, like golden syrup poured over the flowers and the trees.

I’ve just downloaded 90 more tracks from Emusic, using up my allowance for this month again. Got to wait aaaages for it to refresh now! Still, I now have some lovely Pete And The Pirates, Motion City Soundtrack, Blitzen Trapper, Neon Neon, James Taylor (live!) and Sebastian Tellier waiting for me… mmmmm…


I feel the world of music is bigger than the physical world. It’s a superposition rather than a simple mapping. I miss DJing because it’s the best chance I have of trying to show people all these new places they haven’t been to. Charming lands filled with romance and drama, chocolates and a dozen flowers.

I bought Cerrone’s ‘Supernature’ as a 7″ single when it came out originally, which I guess was 1977. Since I’ve been hearing it while playing GTA IV too much, I had to re-buy it as a download (from iTunes, it’s sadly not on Emusic). Hearing the proper length album cut, I got lost in the sound. I wonder if I’ll ever manage to make a piece of music so simultaneously innovative and poppy. I doubt it.

I keep getting the stares and when I look around, the negative after-images are looking increasingly like the power effects from ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before.’ This is perhaps not good. Unless I am actually developing fabulous psionic powers. It’d certainly save me on batteries for the remote.

Polarised pics

I wonder if I can use the laser in an optical mouse to try and recreate the quantum mechanics experiment with three polarising filters in series. Is it actually a proper laser, a source of coherent light or is it just a bloody bright LED? Maybe I should get one of those laser pointer thingies from Maplins? Are they real lasers?


I wonder if I should have some breakfast now? If so, should I go for the full English or perhaps have more of a continental whatsit?

I wonder how Cerrone got that lovely, tight kick sound? The whole album makes modern production sound wank.

Will it be sunny later? Will I see it if it is or will I have passed-out by then?

Time for a cup of tea! 😀