Flickr Brokn, Morally Bankrpt?

Flickr Brokn1

I love Flickr. I have 14,500+ of my photos up on Flickr and never had a problem with the service. Paying twelve quid a year for an off-site backup of my pics is a no-brainer.

But, since the start of May, it hasn’t been working for me (earlier for other peeps, apparently).

Flickr Brokn2

This is why you haven’t seen me posting up as many piccy galleries as usual, I haven’t been able to upload any!

Strangely, this Flickr glitch has arrived at the same time as I was looking around for an alternative. Not because of any service issues: as I said, Flickr has been rock-solid for me until now.

Nope, it’s because there are persistent rumours of a takeover. Either by Microsoft, which would be horrendous or, even worse by this fucker:

Darth Murdoch

Yep, Rupert Murdoch, tax evading warmonger who personally promoted, through his Fox / New International empire, the illegal invasion of Iraq and the subsequent massacre of Iraqis.

Microsoft buying Yahoo / Flickr would be horrible but maybe bearable. Murdoch buying it would be untenable. Like my MySpace bandpage, I would have to torch my account and take my photos elsewhere. Perhaps Smugmug?

Yes, I love Flickr. Yes, deleting all my pics would be a painful step – I spent sooo many hours uploading them all. But the point of taking a moral stand is that it involves some sacrifice. If it doesn’t hurt you… well, you’re not making a stand as you’re not losing anything anyway.

I should have a band MySpace, I’m undoubtedly losing possible sales as a result of boycotting Murdoch. But if that money comes covered with the blood of Iraqi children, I’d rather not have it, ta. If Flickr gets bought by Murdoch (and that’s still an “if”), I want no part of it either.

Sooo… I probably won’t be uploading any new galleries to Flickr because:

1. It’s not bastard working
2. I’ll just have to delete them in a bit when it gets bought out by Microsoft / Murdoch / Pol Pot.


Capitalism is meant to promote consumer choice. Where’s my choice to use a company that doesn’t invest heavily in the Republican party or plot the mass-murder of Iraqis?

UPDATE 11/5/08
Well, Flickr appears to be working again. Something to do with being on a UK ISP block list or something. So… I can upload pics again. But for how long before they get bought?

On the other hand, Smugmug isn’t as slick, easy or well laid-out as Flickr. I haven’t found anything else that even approaches Flickr’s usability. 🙁

Maybe I need to find out some way I can rent an online server so I can store my 40gigs+ worth of photos on there?

*double sigh*

I guess I’ll keep using Flickr until it officially goes to the Dark Side…