Month: May 2008

  • Pink Mountains

    Click above to see some landscape pics from my recent holiday in Foamia where I visited the famous pink mountains.

  • US Military Murders More Iraqi Children

    Eight civilians have been killed in an air strike by US military helicopters north of Baghdad, Iraqi police say. Two children were among those who died in the attack on Wednesday evening near the town of Baiji, the police said. A local man, Ghafil Rashed, told Reuters that his brother and son had been killed…

  • Mattel Synsonic Drum Machine / Pads

    When I first got the Mattel Synsonic, I went mental. Finally, I could act-out all my Kraftwerk fantasies and pretend I was Wolfgang or Karl, tippy-tapping away on my ubercool drum synth pads. There was a kick, snare and two tom pads. They weren’t up to Simmons drum standards but for what was essentially a…

  • Iron Man @ Cinema De Lux, Westfield

    I’ve just come back from seeing Iron Man at the new Cinema De Lux at the Westfield Centre. This isn’t a proper review of the film but rather a review of the whole experience… Well, the new cinema is certainly swanky central. Everything is impeccably clean, scrubbed and gleaming. The staff are all well-groomed, well-spoken…

  • Wandering Round Town

    Click the above pic to see some sunny shots from the start of last week, when it was briefly gorgeously sunny. I hope the summer makes another appearance before autumn comes calling!

  • Why I Love Einstein

    A newly published letter reveals that Albert Einstein viewed religion and religious works as “childish,” and “primitive works.” In the letter, dated January 3 1954, he wrote: “The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weakness, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are…

  • The Mystery Jets, Live At The Royal, 10/5/08

    Whooo! On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see The Mystery Jets live at The Royal! Supporting were Esser who managed to surmount a lack of soundchecking and played a fun, bouncy set. They remind me of A Certain Ratio channelled through LCD Soundsystem. Click the pic above for more shots of Esser. And…

  • Apple Blossom

  • Wood, Skin, Jar

    More blurry Lensbaby macros after you click the pic!

  • Blurlions

  • Blurry Foliage

  • The Royal Opening Night

    Click the pic above for a gallery of Derby’s newest venue, the very swanky The Royal!

  • Flickr Brokn, Morally Bankrpt?

    I love Flickr. I have 14,500+ of my photos up on Flickr and never had a problem with the service. Paying twelve quid a year for an off-site backup of my pics is a no-brainer. But, since the start of May, it hasn’t been working for me (earlier for other peeps, apparently). This is why…

  • Happy Birthday Spam!

    Spam – the scourge of every e-mail inbox – celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend. The first recognisable e-mail marketing message was sent on 3 May, 1978 to 400 people on behalf of DEC – a now-defunct computer-maker. (Source: BBC News) Of course, I’ve written about the true nature of spam before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPAAAAAAAAAM!