Are Buddhists “Insurgents” Too?

Who's killing who?

American forces in Afghanistan say more than a dozen insurgents have been killed in a joint US-Afghan operation in the southern province of Uruzgan.
The forces say they were returning fire after coming under ambush.

(Source: BBC News)

Let’s change this around:

Replace “US” with “China”

Replace “insurgents” with “Buddhist monks”

There… now will it get similar TV coverage? Endless hand-wringing and condemnation from the bourgeois commentators?

No… thought not.

It seems it’s okay to kill some people who are protesting against invasion and occupation of their country by an evil superpower as long as they’re Iraqis.

So remember: if you’re an Iraqi trying to get rid of the the US invaders, you’re an “insurgent,” a terrorist, probably backed by some international terror organisation. The US can kill scores of you every day and it won’t ever be on the TV.

If you’re a Tibetan trying to get rid of the vicious Chinese invaders, you’re a freedom fighter and a shining example of democracy in action. The TV news will pore endlessly over the details of your heroic struggle against the evil invaders.

Here endeth the lesson…