World Against War

World Against War

On his recent trip to the Middle East, George Bush said: “Iraq is now a different place. Levels of violence are significantly reduced. Hope is returning to Baghdad.”

Try telling that to residents of the southern outskirts of Baghdad, whose homes were flattened on January 10, when US bombers unleashed 40,000 pounds of explosives in the biggest aerial attack since March 2003, killing or injuring dozens of civilians, many of them women, children and the elderly.

Try telling it to the thousands of Iraqis who were the victims of US bombing raids in 2007, which quadrupled compared to 2006, rising from four attacks a week to four attacks a day. It’s the same story in Afghanistan, where the Washington Post reported recently the number of air strikes doubled in 2007 to a staggering 3,572 — an average of close to 10 per day. In 2005, by comparison, there were around 200 air strikes.
(Source: Stop The War)

Think of the human cost in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, probably a million if we were actually counting accurately. Refugees, orphans, chaos and suffering everywhere.

Five years on and this is our legacy.

Now think that we, the British taxpayer, funded this misery. Think of the thousands of millions of pounds we’ve spent on murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. We’ve done that, we’ve paid for that.

What kind of fucked-up world do we live in that we’re expected to run in charity events to raise money for schools and hospitals but the money for war, the funds for slaughter never dry up? Why are our taxes given to guns and bombs but Sport Relief is the only way to fund essential services?

Why is there always money for war?

This Saturday, you can stand up and make your voice heard. You can shout that you do not wish to take part in the slaughter, that this war is not carried out in your name, with your approval. You can join the millions of people around the world who all want peace.

We have to march, to shout, on this unhappiest of anniversaries. We have to show our government of war criminals, liars and scoundrels that we want our troops out of Iraq and we will not tolerate an invasion of Iran.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on every demo or you’ve never marched in your life: this is what you have to do to stop our government dragging us into further US-sponsored invasions.

If nothing else, march for selfish reasons: do you want to end up living in the police state our government is assembling, where we’re DNA-tagged and ID-carded, our every freedom removed to protect us in the phoney War On Terror?

March for yourself, for your own liberty. March to end the occupation of Iraq. March to prevent our future involvement in the USA’s insane warmongering.

This Saturday, the world will unite in a global demonstration of our desire for peace and freedom.

See you there?