US Kills Yet More Civilians

US Kills More Iraqis

The US military in Iraq says American and Iraqi forces killed nine suspected al-Qaeda fighters in a raid near Talafar in Ninewa province last Sunday.
In another operation, US soldiers shot and killed a man who was said to have drawn a pistol and then tried to detonate an explosives vest.
(Source: BBC News)

Let’s decode this US propaganda…

The US murdered nine “suspected” al-Qaeda fighters from a “suspected” militant camp and then another Iraqi who, they claim, pulled a gun.

Now, of course, the US military might be telling the truth… But why should we believe them when they’ve lied so many times before? Like here and here and here.

So, I think it’s fair to say that the US illegal occupation of Iraq is now notorious for murdering innocent Iraqis and framing them after the fact as militants or “insurgents.”

I don’t know what happened in this case but, unlike the BBC, I’m not going to swallow the US version of events without even a raised eyebrow. Or a link to previous atrocities carried out by US forces.

All we can say is that the US has killed yet more Iraqis in its grand liberation of Iraq. Well done, US of A! Iraq will soon be a gleaming field of whitened skeletons, all celebrating their liberation from Saddam!