Apple TV Take 2 Woes

My Apple TV - now broken by Take 2

I like the update, I love the new features. Unfortunately, the update doesn’t seem to like my 40gig Apple TV.

Since upgrading, I get:

* Slow, sticky menus. Can’t whizz round like before. The selector sticks and then, often five minutes later, skips down.

* Glitchy playback. Every podcast or film I watch glitches at around the same time in (between 3 – 5 mins). Both video and audio stop. If I leave it stuck like that, after another five or more minutes, the audio starts playing and then, eventually, the video.

* Freezes / crashes. Just playing music or looking at photos, the slideshow will stop. Sometimes the screen goes black, sometimes stays stuck on an image.

Through all the above nastiness, my remote still seems to be received as the light on the front flashes. But nothing else happens.

So… I did a factory restore. Ended up back at 1.0

BUT… It was a joy. Back to whizzy menus and a stable OS.

I installed the update to Take 2 again, crossed my fingers and…

All the same problems!

So I’ve just now rolled back to 1.0 again.

I have a standard UK 40gig Apple TV, no mods, no hacking. I’m very disappointed that the update has now thrown me back to 1.0 since Take 2 absolutely doesn’t work on my Apple TV.

And what about the auto-update? Will I have to keep on doing a factory restore?