Logic Pro 8 Mini-review

Logic Pro 8

Yes, I bought the upgrade. Yes, I’m an idiot. Yes, Apple could quite easily get me to pay them money to slap me in the face with a fish. And then pay them to upgrade the damn fish.

Oh well… here’s the mini-review:

The good: much easier to use, especially for switchers. Shitloads of instruments, loops and all the first Jam Packs. This seemingly makes it a pretty essential upgrade, just to use it for Main Stage live. Yep, that’s what I thought…

The bad: hasn’t imported any of my previous templates, presets or sweated-over synth patches. Yah, I can solve that by sticking some aliases in wherever and moving stuff about but why should I have to? A pro app should do all the housekeeping for you. Bah!

The ugly: on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro with 2gigs or RAM, it can’t even play *four* tracks of software instruments without constant core audio overloads and glitches. No other apps open, no processor-sucking hidden processes (and using a blank template, not Logic’s hopelessly over-egged sample templates). Apparently, the core overloads are a “known issue.”

The same thing happens with Main Stage. Remember, I’ve got a standard Macbook Pro, no mods. I wouldn’t do a gig with Main Stage because it would glitch, it simply wouldn’t work. So, Apple have made my fifteen hundred quid computer less reliable and gigworthy than any thirty quid home keyboard. Casio 1, Apple 0.

Also, the latency is hideous using the built-in audio. It’s like playing a synth through a satellite link to Mars and back. But if you adjust the buffer size in the audio hardware profile – instant glitches, dropouts and horrendous buzzes. Great if you want everything you do to sound like an IDM remix, not so great otherwise. This terrible latency also affects Main Stage. *sigh* Just think of playing your fave hardware synth or piano, think of that responsiveness and joy of performance. Logic 8 delivers the opposite of that.

So… great sounds, polished interface, etc but it doesn’t actually work.

The cynic in me thinks it’s not a bug: they’re just making it more and more processor intensive to sell new gear. That’s what happens when the apps are made by a hardware manufacturer. And to think, I did all of my third album on a Titanium G4 Powerbook… But that was when Emagic still owned Logic, not Apple.

I shall install it on my G5 but I’m not too hopeful…



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