Johnny Foreigner, Plans And Apologies, Mascot Fight

On Monday, I saw three lovely bands for the miniscule price of £2 at Vines, Derby.

First on were Mascot Fight. This is a band getting more in their stride every gig I see. They’re more relaxed, have more fun and just let go more – all that comes over live. Well done, chaps!

Next on were Plans And Apologies. Best gig I’ve seen from them in ages, they really put everything into it and connected with the audience. Dave’s got a real command as a frontman but not in a rock way, in an intense and sometimes disturbingly intimate way. Not many singers can do that.

And then last were Johnny Foreigner, delivering a raucous, poppy racket. Shouty bits, quiet bits and some verrry frantic bits.

Ahhh, a great and amazingly cheap night out! 😀



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