The Death Of Artists, In The Back Of The Real, Dead In The Queue, Mexican Kids At Home

On Saturday night I had a fab time seeing three bands I’ve never seen before and one that I have at the Vic. And they were:

Mexican Kids At Home who played a lovely lot of what I guess you’d call indiepop. If you imagine something like The Marine Girls crossed with Jonathan Richman via Architecture In Helsinki (or early Pastels), then that gives you the flavour of their popness.

Next were Dead In The Queue. Man, what a fun band live! So often, punky bands tend to have a tedious fake “oooh, we’re angry, we’re going to abuse the audience” attitude. There was none of that bullshit from DITQ, they just played a storming set of garagey, shouty, singalongy punk that would bring a tear to the eyes of any Dead Boys or Dolls fan. And they had FUN so we had FUN!

In The Back Of The Real startled me with their intimate, intense shoegaze. Now, I actually lived through the Shoegaze Wars, when ragged bands of kids would fight over the corpses of their Electric Mistresses. I’ve heard a lot of rubbish shoegaze. ITBOTR are not from that set: they’ve got great songs, intricate, meandering melodies and the powerful bits are powerful. Check them out if you like early Boo Rads or Smashing Orange.

Last on were The Death Of Artists. Sadly, I missed half their set but the bit I did see was slamming electrogoth with a heavy dollop of cabaret (Weimar, not Butlins). They reminded me a bit of the angst of early Fad Gadget but with the abrasiveness of Foetus.

So, a great night out, four lovely bands for three quid! In Derby! Yaaaaay!

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