Why I Love The Net, Part &FFE0

Dor Flood - We Live Now

Hi Jyoti,

Thanks for putting my band’s (dora flood) album, we live now, in your top 50. I do remember white town’s hit your woman. I remember someone saying it sold out faster than anything before it. I also remember elektra passing on signing us around the same time but after seeing your emi blog that was probably a blessing. anyway, if you want to hear the rest of our back catalogue, it is avaliable for free download at www.doraflood.com

Michael Padilla

Oooh, isn’t that cool? 😀

And you can read why I reckon Dora Flood made one of the best albums of ’07 by clicking here.

And I suggest you go and grab all their other stuff too, since they’re kind enough to share it with you for the handsome price of FREE.