The Death Of Artists, In The Back Of The Real, Dead In The Queue, Mexican Kids At Home

On Saturday night I had a fab time seeing three bands I’ve never seen before and one that I have at the Vic. And they were:

Mexican Kids At Home who played a lovely lot of what I guess you’d call indiepop. If you imagine something like The Marine Girls crossed with Jonathan Richman via Architecture In Helsinki (or early Pastels), then that gives you the flavour of their popness.

Next were Dead In The Queue. Man, what a fun band live! So often, punky bands tend to have a tedious fake “oooh, we’re angry, we’re going to abuse the audience” attitude. There was none of that bullshit from DITQ, they just played a storming set of garagey, shouty, singalongy punk that would bring a tear to the eyes of any Dead Boys or Dolls fan. And they had FUN so we had FUN!

In The Back Of The Real startled me with their intimate, intense shoegaze. Now, I actually lived through the Shoegaze Wars, when ragged bands of kids would fight over the corpses of their Electric Mistresses. I’ve heard a lot of rubbish shoegaze. ITBOTR are not from that set: they’ve got great songs, intricate, meandering melodies and the powerful bits are powerful. Check them out if you like early Boo Rads or Smashing Orange.

Last on were The Death Of Artists. Sadly, I missed half their set but the bit I did see was slamming electrogoth with a heavy dollop of cabaret (Weimar, not Butlins). They reminded me a bit of the angst of early Fad Gadget but with the abrasiveness of Foetus.

So, a great night out, four lovely bands for three quid! In Derby! Yaaaaay!

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Capitalism = Cancer

Capitalism = Cancer

Smoking rates have more than doubled in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union, researchers say.

The Bath University-led team said “aggressive targeting” of women by tobacco firms was behind the rise.

Researchers monitoring 7,000 people over 11 years found 7% of women smoked in 1992, compared with 15% in 2003, the Tobacco Control journal reports.
(Source: BBC News)

Welcome to the free world! Welcome to democracy! Welcome to being brainwashed by teams of expert advertisers so you actually pay money to give yourself cancer!

Ain’t capitalism wonderful? Surely, this is the kind of carey-sharey, warm’n’fuzzy ‘creative capitalism’ that Bill Gates was promoting this week. What’s more ‘creative’ than people dying in agony of lung cancer?


How Does It Feel Playlist 19/1/08

Woohoo! I had a fucking hoot DJing at How Does It Feel To Be Loved? last Saturday. It was great to be able to play some rather obscure new indie stuff and have a crowd of people singing along! The only regret I have is that I didn’t manage to fit in as many new bands as I wanted to.

A great night, thanks to all the kids who came along, danced and sang! 😀 Click here for a gallery of pics from the night.

And on the night, youse hoird:

Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordfallsmotet
Vapnet – Tjernobyl
McCarthy – Write To Your MP Today
Spearmint – Sweeping The Nation
Even As We Speak – Falling Down The Stairs
Beat Happening – Hot Chocolate Boy
The Mary Onettes – Void
Super Furry Animals – God! Show Me Magic
Bristols – Who Does She Think She Is
Sibiria – Hat Tillbaks
My Bloody Valentine – Sueisfine
The Magnetic Fields – Famous
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring – A Question Of Trust
The Field Mice – If You Need Someone
Black Flag – Louie Louie
Beirut – Elephant Gun
Orange Juice – What Presence-!
Aberfeldy – Hypnotised
Cure – Just Like Heaven
De La Soul – Eye Know
Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul
The Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage
Jens Lekman – Your Arms Around Me
Cats On Fire – Draw In The Reins
The Brilliant Corners – Delilah Sands
Felt – I Will Die With My Head In Flames
Camera Obscura – Keep It Clean
Death Cab For Cutie – The Sound Of Settling
Deerhoof – Milkman
Saves The Day – At Your Funeral

Why I Love The Net, Part &FFE0

Dor Flood - We Live Now

Hi Jyoti,

Thanks for putting my band’s (dora flood) album, we live now, in your top 50. I do remember white town’s hit your woman. I remember someone saying it sold out faster than anything before it. I also remember elektra passing on signing us around the same time but after seeing your emi blog that was probably a blessing. anyway, if you want to hear the rest of our back catalogue, it is avaliable for free download at

Michael Padilla

Oooh, isn’t that cool? 😀

And you can read why I reckon Dora Flood made one of the best albums of ’07 by clicking here.

And I suggest you go and grab all their other stuff too, since they’re kind enough to share it with you for the handsome price of FREE.

Flickr Stats

Flickr Stats

Yaaay! More pointless stats! Now I can see stats about my Flickr photos!

Flickr Stats

There are some quite surprising results – I’m getting a lot of referrals from MySpace. I’m guessing that’s avatar pics I’ve taken of peeps? Also, far more from Flickr itself than I would have thought. Hmmmm… verrrry interesting.

Oooh, so many facts and figures. With graphs! 😀