Month: January 2008

  • The Death Of Artists, In The Back Of The Real, Dead In The Queue, Mexican Kids At Home

    On Saturday night I had a fab time seeing three bands I’ve never seen before and one that I have at the Vic. And they were: Mexican Kids At Home who played a lovely lot of what I guess you’d call indiepop. If you imagine something like The Marine Girls crossed with Jonathan Richman via…

  • Capitalism = Cancer

    Smoking rates have more than doubled in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union, researchers say. The Bath University-led team said “aggressive targeting” of women by tobacco firms was behind the rise. Researchers monitoring 7,000 people over 11 years found 7% of women smoked in 1992, compared with 15% in 2003, the Tobacco Control…

  • St. Pancras International

    On my recent DJing trip, I got to see the finished St. Pancras International train station. And, though some units are still empty, I love the feel of it. The old struts mixed with the new, swish bits makes for a unique kind of retro-futurism. Not quite cyberpunk, not steampunk. Errr… Pancraspunk? 🙂 Click the…

  • How Does It Feel Playlist 19/1/08

    Woohoo! I had a fucking hoot DJing at How Does It Feel To Be Loved? last Saturday. It was great to be able to play some rather obscure new indie stuff and have a crowd of people singing along! The only regret I have is that I didn’t manage to fit in as many new…

  • Why I Love The Net, Part &FFE0

    Hi Jyoti, Thanks for putting my band’s (dora flood) album, we live now, in your top 50. I do remember white town’s hit your woman. I remember someone saying it sold out faster than anything before it. I also remember elektra passing on signing us around the same time but after seeing your emi blog…

  • Bluey 16/1/08

    Wow! What an ace night! I’m knackered and my legs ache from dancing. 😀 Click the pic for the gallery!

  • Gearlog Makes Me ROFL

    Today has been Apple’s day… the Macbook Air, the new iPhone firmware, Apple TV updates… So I couldn’t help but laugh and also cry a bit for poor old Microsoft when I saw the above post on Gearlog. This is beyond schadenfreude…

  • Flickr Stats

    Yaaay! More pointless stats! Now I can see stats about my Flickr photos! There are some quite surprising results – I’m getting a lot of referrals from MySpace. I’m guessing that’s avatar pics I’ve taken of peeps? Also, far more from Flickr itself than I would have thought. Hmmmm… verrrry interesting. Oooh, so many facts…

  • Kitchen Stuff

    If you love used teabags and greasy plates, you’re going to love this set. Clicky the piccy!

  • Studio Various

    Click above to see some shots of assorted gear in my studio.

  • Christmas Squirrel

    Nut search and rescue operation successful! Click the pic!

  • Sky & Elephant

  • Blue Note 9/1/08

    Click the pic above for some finger-pointing goodness from tonight’s (last night’s?) Blue Note.

  • Blue Note 2/1/08

    First night out of 2008! And it was great, dancey fun. Click the pic for a gallery! 😀