Elenette At Debaser Slussen

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If you’re a regular Bzangy reader, you might remember this review.

Well, I was lucky enough to see Elenette live while I was in Sweden, at Debaser Slussen on the night before we came home.

It was a great gig! They played like bastards and went down very well with the crowd. I had wondered what the live line-up would be as the songs are so varied. Turns out, there was quite a bit of instrument swapping but none of it seemed superfluous and all of it added to the eclectic vibe.

I particularly liked the bits with the duelling saxophones, not something you see often in an electronic music context and thus very refreshing. A band with less confidence and verve couldn’t pull off the switches in style and genre that Elenette seem to take in their stride. And they have pop songs – with choruses! Seeing this great gig was a lovely way to finish off my stay in Stockholm! 🙂

If you get the chance to see Elenette live, GO!



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