The Pastels, Taken By Trees

Then, on Friday 7th, we were out again! This time to see the fabulous Pastels and Taken By Trees at Debaser Medis (themed drinks pictured above).

We’d popped by early to see if anyone was about and The Pastels had just finished soundchecking. Stephen very kindly took pity on our poor, wizened, weather-beaten faces and put us on the guestlist. He’s a lovely man! 🙂

First on was Taken By Trees, which is the new project of Victoria Bergsman who used to be the lead singer in The Concretes. It was a very gentle set for such a large, rock’n’roll venue but the audience were quiet as a pin so it went over well. Not personally my cup of tea (bit too spooky and quiet) but TBT do have quite a knack of commanding an audience with ghostly wisps of songs.

And then The Pastels! It’s been around ten years since I last saw them but they’ve only grown better and… well, wilder in the interim. My fave track was a new one, the second of two they played. It’s hard to describe but it kind of sounded like Bernard Herrmann. On guitars. Yep! They played a great, varied set and then the audience demanded more. So they launched into a bit of a greatest hits and sent the front row pogoing to ‘Baby Honey.’ 🙂

A lovely night out! And thanks for the badge, Katrina! 🙂

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Elmo, Movits!, Ludvig Svartholm

On Thursday 6th, we toddled down to Debaser Slussen (pic above and click it for a gallery of the venue and area). We had no idea who was playing, we just wanted to get out of the hotel and see some bands. So, we were very chuffed to see not one but three cool acts!

First on were Ludvig Svartholm. Seeing the large lineup and varied instruments, I expected something Arcade Fire-y. What I got was a mix of very catchy folk with some hints of country. Doing this kind of intense, quiet music is always a challenge in a rock venue but I have to hand it to the band, they pulled it off flawlessly.

Next up were Movits!, who, again, I got completely wrong. I expected a Blues Brothers r’n’b workout but instead I got some fine Swedish hip hop with a hefty dollop of swing. And I mean swing as in Benny Goodman, not Teddy Riley. Movits! rocked the crowd, made everyone smile and laugh and dance and jump around. Excellent!

And the night finished with headliners Elmo. This was the one band I had pegged right: before they went on, loads of girls went up the front, staking out their positions. “Hmmm,” I mused, “I bet this lot are young, pretty, wear mascara and ROCK!” And, lo, I was right! Elmo did a catchy set of anthemic stompers, veering from New York Dolls rabble-rousing to almost Merseybeat boppiness. And they did a pretty damn good cover of ‘The KKK Took My Baby Away’ too!

Wow – what a great night! Seeing three bands I’d never heard of before, them all being vastly different genres and yet all good! I liked them so much, I bought each of their records from the rather charming lady womanning the merch stall. 🙂

And what a great little venue Debaser Slussen is: fantastic space, location, lights, PA, staff – I can’t fault it. I wish we had that level of venue round here but I guess it’s unfair to compare Derby with a capital city.

Ahhhh… Stockholm!

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