Evel Knievel’s Greatest Leap

Evel Knievel - we'll miss you!

Legendary US daredevil Evel Knievel has died at the age of 69, his granddaughter has said.

Knievel had suffered ill-health, including diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis – an incurable lung condition – for several years.

He underwent a liver transplant, after nearly dying of hepatitis C, in 1999.

Knievel gained cult status performing death-defying stunts in the 1960s and 70s, including an attempted motorcycle jump over Snake River Canyon in Idaho.

By the time he retired in 1980 Knievel had broken nearly 40 bones.

(Source: BBC News)

If you were a kid in the ’70s as I was, Evel Knievel was an inspirational figure. He’d regularly be in the news, jumping off things, over things, through things.

I remember getting my own little Evel Knievel, as seen above, when I was around seven or so. I went mad on it. I’d send Evel careering up ramps, through drainpipes. I even tried to light him on fire a couple of times.

In this tiny way, I wanted a bit of the real man’s magic to catch on me. I wanted to be as brave, as inventive, as dashing and, yes, sometimes as foolhardy as Evel Knievel.

He was a real hero.

RIP, mate.