Police ‘Guilty’ But Not Of Menezes’ Murder

Jean Charles de Menezes, murdered by the Met

London’s Metropolitan Police force has been found guilty of endangering the public over the fatal shooting of a man officers mistook for a suicide bomber.

The force broke health and safety laws when officers pursued Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes to a Tube station and shot him seven times, a jury found.

It was fined £175,000 with £385,000 costs over the 22 July 2005 shooting.
(Source: BBC News)

I waited a day before writing this, so I calmed down enough to be at least semi-coherent.

The Met have been found guilty of endangering public safety.

No-one has been found guilty of Jean Charles de Menezes murder.

His death remains unpunished. The British government and judiciary are completely unconcerned that an innocent man was shot to death by trigger-happy police officers.

Nor has anyone in the Met been punished for trying to cover-up their murder. In fact, the brave person who leaked details about the Met’s lies was punished instead:

A woman has been arrested over the leak of findings about the fatal police shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes on the Tube, it has emerged.

The 43-year-old was arrested at one of a number of London addresses searched.
(Source: BBC News)

And what of the officer in charge of the operation when Menezes was murdered? Oh, she’s fine! She’s very happy – after all, she got promoted!

That makes sense, doesn’t it? I can just picture the conversation:

“I say, Cressida, jolly well done on shooting that Brazilian. He did look a little bit foreign, after all. Have a promotion!”
“Thank you, sir! I shall continue to serve the public interest by ordering random civilians to be shot in the head five times.”
“Good show!”

But what about Sir Ian Blair, knight of the realm, liar and the man who ran the Met at the time? Surely he’s resigned? No – that would be stupid! Look:

Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said outside court that he was staying in his job – despite calls for his resignation.
(Source: BBC News)

He obviously feels no shame, guilt or responsibility for Menezes’ death. But that’s not quite how the Menezes family sees it:

In a statement, the Menezes Family Campaign said: “Sir Ian Blair, as head of the Metropolitan Police, bears ultimate responsibility for the Menezes killing and that he deliberately tried to cover up what really happened after Jean’s death. We believe these ‘off the record’ briefings were attempts to mislead the public and cover up the fact that the police had killed an innocent man.”
(Source: The Independent)

The thing I keep coming back to, the appalling fact, is that a totally innocent man is now dead through the racism, mismanagement and totalitarian arrogance of the Metropolitan police.

That dead person could just as easily have been your brother or sister, your son or daughter. It could have been you.

And, since the murderers remain un-punished, the system that took Menezes’ life remains intact. No lessons have been learned, none of us are any safer.