Derby Feste

Phew! What a night!

Further to this rant, tonight I DJed at Hurly Burly, the evening programme for Derby Feste.

But before that, we took a wander to the market place, piccy above, to see the crazy inflatable thingumajig. It was, indeed, inflated and strange. It was like a giant had dropped his puffa jacket on Derby.

And then.. the best thing I’ve seen in Derby in ages:


I loved these. I was instantly nine years old again. I loved the firespouts, I loved the gusts of dragon breath sent into the shrieking crowds, I loved the stupidly loud pounding music. Whatever Sarruga got for herding these beasts through our city, it was worth it. My fave bit was seeing them squeeze up Sadler Gate – the colours and sounds were incredible! It’s fun being nearly squashed by a dragon. 🙂

And then, it was off to Derby Dance Centre where I was just in time to witness some fine jazzing:

It’s a shame they were on so early – I’m sure many of the peeps who didn’t turn up till later would have loved them!

I missed the first burlesque dancer of the evening but I manager to catch Ms. Fleur du Mal:

As you can see from the pic, she was both very beautiful and extremely slinky. It was all over far too quickly. Er… her act, that is. 😛

And then, I missed the main burlesque show as it was scheduled *exactly* when I was DJing. Now, what do you think drew the crowd in? Was it:

A. Fat bloke prodding at a laptop and looking mildly dyspeptic?
B. Loads of really fit women taking their clothes off?

Yes. I ended up DJing to not many people. 🙂

All in all, I had a great night. I wish I’d actually got into town earlier so I could have seen some of the other acts during the day but I had DJ prep to do.

It was lovely to be part of something so saucy, gaudy and defiantly non-grey.

Derby needs more events this silly and joyful!

Click here for all the pics!