Derby Feste

Phew! What a night!

Further to this rant, tonight I DJed at Hurly Burly, the evening programme for Derby Feste.

But before that, we took a wander to the market place, piccy above, to see the crazy inflatable thingumajig. It was, indeed, inflated and strange. It was like a giant had dropped his puffa jacket on Derby.

And then.. the best thing I’ve seen in Derby in ages:


I loved these. I was instantly nine years old again. I loved the firespouts, I loved the gusts of dragon breath sent into the shrieking crowds, I loved the stupidly loud pounding music. Whatever Sarruga got for herding these beasts through our city, it was worth it. My fave bit was seeing them squeeze up Sadler Gate – the colours and sounds were incredible! It’s fun being nearly squashed by a dragon. 🙂

And then, it was off to Derby Dance Centre where I was just in time to witness some fine jazzing:

It’s a shame they were on so early – I’m sure many of the peeps who didn’t turn up till later would have loved them!

I missed the first burlesque dancer of the evening but I manager to catch Ms. Fleur du Mal:

As you can see from the pic, she was both very beautiful and extremely slinky. It was all over far too quickly. Er… her act, that is. 😛

And then, I missed the main burlesque show as it was scheduled *exactly* when I was DJing. Now, what do you think drew the crowd in? Was it:

A. Fat bloke prodding at a laptop and looking mildly dyspeptic?
B. Loads of really fit women taking their clothes off?

Yes. I ended up DJing to not many people. 🙂

All in all, I had a great night. I wish I’d actually got into town earlier so I could have seen some of the other acts during the day but I had DJ prep to do.

It was lovely to be part of something so saucy, gaudy and defiantly non-grey.

Derby needs more events this silly and joyful!

Click here for all the pics!

US General: Iraq A ‘Nightmare’

Gen. Sanchez, torturer
Lt General Ricardo Sanchez, a fan of torturing innocent civilians

A former US military chief in Iraq has condemned the current strategy in the conflict, which he warned was “a nightmare with no end in sight”.

Retired Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez also labelled US political leaders as “incompetent” and “corrupted”.

He said they would have faced courts martial for dereliction of duty had they been in the military.

The best the US could manage under the current approach in Iraq was to “stave off defeat”, Gen Sanchez warned.

“There is no question that America is living a nightmare with no end in sight,” he said, addressing journalists at Arlington, near Washington.
(Source: BBC News)

Personally, I wouldn’t trust anything that Sanchez, who ordered the torture of prisoners, says.

However, even if the above is a another pack of lies, for Sanchez to be breaking ranks like this and openly criticising his former masters is a significant development.

Of course, he most probably isn’t lying: Iraq is a hellhole now, thanks to the brutal illegal invasion and subsequent occupation. It’s clear that all the US was concerned about was securing the oil fields. The people of Iraq were inconveniences at best, target practice at worst.

Sanchez, devil that he is, may actually be telling the truth this time.

If someone this high up in the American military can be so damning about the US occupation, why can’t any of our politicians mutter even one word of criticism?