US Murders 34 Civilians, 9 Children

US Murders 34 Civilians

The US military has said it will investigate an operation in Iraq which left 15 women and children dead, alongside 19 suspected militants.

The operation, north of Baghdad, is thought to have resulted one of the biggest single losses of civilian life since the war began in 2003.
(Source: BBC News)

Read that carefully: “suspected militants.” This is what the US military calls any Iraqis it murders. It’s troops often murder civilians and then plant guns next to the bodies to imply they were under attack. Here’s just one US soldier’s sworn testimony:

“He asked me if I was ready. I had the pistol out. I heard the word ‘shoot.’ I don’t remember pulling the trigger. It took me a second to realize that the shot came from the pistol in my hand,” he said, crying and speaking barely above a whisper.

Vela said that as the Iraqi man was convulsing on the ground, “Hensley laughed about it and hit the guy on the throat and said shoot again.”

“After he (the Iraqi man) was shot, Sgt. Hensley pulled an AK-47 out of his rucksack and said, ‘This is what we are going to say happened,”‘ Vela said. He was dismissed from the witness stand to compose himself.
(Source: AlterNet)

If I shot someone in the street because I suspected they might be dangerous, I think I’d be charged with murder. Even if I did plant a gun on them afterwards.

So, the US liberators have slaughtered 34 innocent civilians, nine of them children.

This is another glowing milestone in Bush’s wonderful mission in Iraq. Think how those Iraqi children must have smiled and welcomed their liberation from oppression as they were blown apart by advanced US military tech. The blood on the ground at the scene of their butchery must positively stink of American-style freedom.

And the top story on the BBC News site today? The Queen has visited a memorial.

We are sooo bored of the US’ violence in Iraq, it doesn’t even make the headlines any more. They can go on massacreing innocents in Iraq every day and our news will be full of fluff about the Diana inquest or the Blue Peter cat’s name.

Meanwhile, most people think the massive death toll in Iraq is a result of sectarian violence. It isn’t.

Let’s be clear here: the US and UK illegal invasion has killed the majority of people murdered in Iraq. From 655,000 to 1.2 million Iraqis have now been murdered by our actions.

Again, I’ll ask you to imagine…

Imagine if Burma had just shot 34 protestors, nine of them children. That would be headline news. We’d have all the usual Tory and New Labour cunts wheeled on to mewl about brutal regimes. Ohhh, the injustice! Ohhhh, the inhumanity!

But when the USA butchers 34 innocent people?