March This Monday!

Antiwar Demo

Despite an arcane law being used to ban this Mondays demonstration, CND Vice Presidents Tony Benn and Walter Wolfgang will lead the march jointly organised by the Stop the War Coalition and CND from a rally in Trafalgar Square towards Parliament.

Assembling at 1pm at a legally permitted rally in Trafalgar Square, we will be marching down Whitehall to Parliament Square despite a ban imposed under the Sessional Order of the House of Commons through the Metropolitan Police Act 1839.
(Source: CND)

And from Brian Eno, writing in The Guardian today:

Stop the War Coalition planned a march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square on Monday – the day parliament resumes – to draw attention to the fact that a lot of us are still thinking about Iraq and to call for the immediate withdrawal of troops. Using an archaic law (the 1839 Metropolitan Police Act), that demonstration has now been banned. Now why would that be? Stop the War Coalition has organised dozens of such demonstrations, and as far as I know not one person has been hurt. So it can’t be public safety that’s at stake.

No, it’s the elephant in the room. This government wants to show itself as clean and new, and doesn’t want attention drawn to the elephant and the mess it has left on the carpet. So it invokes an old law, to shave a little more off the arrangements by which citizens communicate their feelings to government (a process, by the way, called democracy).
(Source: The Guardian)

New Labour finds democracy inconvenient and embarrassing. So all-new, all-transparent, all-different Brown bans a pesky march. We’re as troublesome to him as those monks are to the Burmese junta. That’s why this government has criminalised our dissent, has made our peaceful protest a crime.

Now, more than ever, we have to reclaim that freedom. We have to march to get the troops out of Iraq now, we have to march to show we will not tolerate an illegal attack against Iran but we also have to march for purely selfish reasons: our own freedom and liberty.

Use it or lose it, people.