Month: October 2007

  • Trees And Leaves

    You may have noticed that I’m a bit obsessed by trees and leaves. Particularly at this time of year when, if you’re lucky, the sun beats down out of an icy blue sky and the colours of the leaves leap out. The rich reds, the stinging yellows, I love the rainbow of foliage this time…

  • Fifth Anniversary US Antiwar Protests

    Tens of thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations against the war in Iraq in cities across the US. Rallies took place in a dozen cities, with the biggest crowds gathering in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. They were timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of a vote by the US Senate…

  • Absent Friends

    A new doodle.

  • Two Doodles

    Unravelled Leavesing Two doodles I did today.

  • Why I Love My Stylophone

    Guess what I bought today: Yep! A STYLOPHONE! It may not mean much to you but it’s a slice of my childhood. I wanted one for ages and, after much pestering, I got one when I was nine or maybe ten. I played and played that little box. I composed maudlin elegies and triumphal marches…

  • Alles Trees

    Click above to see some pics from when I was was in Allestree the other day. It was a gorgeously sunny, cold, autumn day. The sky was beautiful, blue and high and seemed to wrap around each leaf as well as being miles away. Why are cold, sunny days so surreally wonderful?

  • Mosh 21/10/07

    Click the pic to see some snaps from last night’s festivities!

  • Rockboxing Your iPod

    I was fed-up with my iPod. It had been crashing a lot. And it refused to sync tunes to iTunes. Every now and then, it’d make clicky noises, those cockroach-type noises that, for me, signal the HD being on the way out. So… I thought ‘what the fuck’ and decided to hack it. After all,…

  • Thorntons’ Treats

    Amidst all the fake-lefty caterwauling and whining about the Westfield, the complainers seem to have missed one fact. We now have a Thorntons Cafe! Yes, THORNTONS! Yet another evil multinational megacorp, cackling and planning world choccy domination from… er… Alfreton. Derbyshire. Can you not see how their perfidy is growing, homogenising the choc world?? Why,…

  • Peeps In Town

    And click the little mosaic above to see some of the peeps I bumped into.

  • Town Fri

    Hmmm… for a fat bloke, I seem to be doing a hell of a lot of walking about recently. Have a click on the piccy above and see a bit of my travels.

  • Blue Note 18/10/07

    Hoooh, boy! My little legs are all jellified now. From too much dancing, yay! Click the pic!

  • Derby And Peeps

    Click the pic for an assortment of pics of edifices and people taken earlier today. Er… yesterday.

  • The Internet Doesn’t Care

    A picture of me taken earlier today in the Westfield food court. I’m sitting typing this and I’m a 41-year-old, very obese, Indian male. But it doesn’t matter. I could be a swoonsome, pneumatic, flame-haired temptress. I could be an octogenarian Theosophist in Kuala Lumpur. I could be the ticket man at Fulham Broadway Station.…

  • Feste Dragons

    Click above to see some video I shot of the dragons last night in Derby!

  • Derby Feste

    Phew! What a night! Further to this rant, tonight I DJed at Hurly Burly, the evening programme for Derby Feste. But before that, we took a wander to the market place, piccy above, to see the crazy inflatable thingumajig. It was, indeed, inflated and strange. It was like a giant had dropped his puffa jacket…

  • US General: Iraq A ‘Nightmare’

    Lt General Ricardo Sanchez, a fan of torturing innocent civilians A former US military chief in Iraq has condemned the current strategy in the conflict, which he warned was “a nightmare with no end in sight”. Retired Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez also labelled US political leaders as “incompetent” and “corrupted”. He said they would have…

  • Why I Love The Westfield

    Tomorrow, I’m DJing at the night-time part of Derby Feste. Ostensibly, the event is to celebrate the opening of Derby’s new Westfield shopping centre. But this is a rather, ummm, playful mission statement. It’s far more about trying to divert some of the extra people flooding into Derby to other events. Events that are not…

  • US Murders 34 Civilians, 9 Children

    The US military has said it will investigate an operation in Iraq which left 15 women and children dead, alongside 19 suspected militants. The operation, north of Baghdad, is thought to have resulted one of the biggest single losses of civilian life since the war began in 2003. (Source: BBC News) Read that carefully: “suspected…

  • London By Night

    Click the above pic for some shots I got around and in Trafalgar Square, last night, after the demo. I find London at night terribly romantic. I love the sounds, the traffic, the sense of pregnant excitement that one feels only in a capital city. I do love dear old Derby but, let’s face it,…