Time For A Bunny Break

You know, I try not to live my life as a ball of anger. It’s not healthy, for a start. And it’s pretty depressing.

However, the news from the last few days has just kept getting worse and worse. Every day seems to drop some new horror in my lap, like the oppression of the Burmese dissidents, the hijacking of that story by Bush, the machinations behind the invasion of Iraq… and today, John Bolton inciting murder at the Tory conference.

I have to write about all this. I don’t really want to. It mostly leaves me in tears of frustration. But I can’t ignore it, can’t switch it off. I can’t ignore the fact that my government has taken money from me in taxes and used that to illegally invade Iraq. To aid the US government in its international program of torture and murder.

So… click the vid above. Like me, take a deep breath and look at their silly, cute little faces.

And think happy, pink, fluffy thoughts…