Time For A Bunny Break

You know, I try not to live my life as a ball of anger. It’s not healthy, for a start. And it’s pretty depressing.

However, the news from the last few days has just kept getting worse and worse. Every day seems to drop some new horror in my lap, like the oppression of the Burmese dissidents, the hijacking of that story by Bush, the machinations behind the invasion of Iraq… and today, John Bolton inciting murder at the Tory conference.

I have to write about all this. I don’t really want to. It mostly leaves me in tears of frustration. But I can’t ignore it, can’t switch it off. I can’t ignore the fact that my government has taken money from me in taxes and used that to illegally invade Iraq. To aid the US government in its international program of torture and murder.

So… click the vid above. Like me, take a deep breath and look at their silly, cute little faces.

And think happy, pink, fluffy thoughts…

John Bolton Incites Terrorism

two cunts

John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, told Tory delegates today that efforts by the UK and the EU to negotiate with Iran had failed and that he saw no alternative to a pre-emptive strike on suspected nuclear facilities in the country.
(Source: Guardian)

We have laws in Britain that make it a crime to promote terrorism, even if you’re a visiting foreigner:

Under the new law, fundraising and openly supporting groups involved in terrorism will lead to arrest.

The Act makes it illegal to plan a violent campaign, even if it is carried out abroad.
(Source: BBC News)

Tell me – why hasn’t John Bolton been arrested under those laws?

This is a man who laughs at the dead of Iraq, who unashamedly glories in that slaughter and whose greatest wish is to now extend that evil to Iran.

This is a man calling, publicly, for the illegal bombing of Iran.

And yet… nothing is done.

Apparently, you can incite the murder of innocent civilians as long as long as you have friends in the US government. British law doesn’t apply to Bolton.

Imagine if a North Korean diplomat had, today, spoken on British soil, calling for the bombing of American nuclear facilities? Imagine the outcry, the politicians clamouring to condemn such bloodthirsty warmongering. Or perhaps a Muslim cleric, calling for a 9/11-type strike? The tabloids would have been all over that, in their usual fever of racism and jingoism.

But, apparently, this call to murder isn’t newsworthy.

Burmese Repression Bad, British Repression Good


The Government has decided to ban a peaceful march called by the Stop the War Coalition on 8 October. The protest has been called to demand all the troops withdrawn from Iraq immediately. The police have said all protests within one mile of Parliament are now prohibited. This is an affront to democratic rights and contradicts the Prime Minister’s commitment to liberalising protest laws. We urge the authorities to review this decision.
(Source: Stop the War Coalition Online)

When the Burmese regime stifles peaceful marches, that’s bad.

When the British regime attempts to stifle peaceful marches by inventing new laws, that’s good.

Got that?

This is how the liberty-loving, Burma-condemning British government upholds our freedom:

British Democracy - Gagging Brian Haw

Scotland Yard was accused of stifling protest and of “huge overkill” after the disclosure that 78 police officers had been used in the operation to remove placards from the anti-war demonstrator Brian Haw.

The early-morning raid by the Metropolitan Police to dismantle a wall of banners and flags on Parliament Square, outside the House of Commons, on Tuesday cost £7,200.
(Source: The Independent)

Read those figures again.

78 police officers.


Why shouldn’t we demonstrate outside Parliament if it’s peaceful? Why has this government instituted a law to literally silence protest by excluding it from their earshot? Aren’t our MPs paid by us to listen to what we say?

The criminalisation of the October 8th demo is another example of how our government is moving the goalposts, trying to criminalise dissent in this country.

Which is, of course, good.

Only when Burma does that is it bad. Our government persecutes dissenters like Brian Haw for good reasons, not bad.

See? Simple?

Only idealistic fools would want to march to save lives on October 8th.

See you there! 😀